UOSSM International’s protection intervention strategy focuses on child protection and preventing gender-based violence. Aimed at increasing the protection of at-risk groups from the effects of conflict, protection activities are specifically designed to prevent and respond to rights violations.

UOSSM’s protection interventions are developed in accordance with standards and guidelines internationally recognized by UNICEF, UNFPA and UNHCR.


Protection facilities:

Child protection centers: Three UOSSM-founded child-friendly centers in Qah, Kafr-Nubul and Harem (Idlib governorate).

Community centers: Five distributed centers in Dara'a and Quneitra governorates.

Women's and children's center in Allujat (Dara’a governorate).


Protection Services:

A. Community child protection:

  • Structured and sustainable psychosocial support programs within child-friendly centers.
  • Parenting Skills Programs.
  • Awareness campaigns on children's rights and protection concerns, plus establishing community-based child protection committees trained on child protection standards and referral mechanisms.
  • Awareness campaigns on land mines, ordnances and explosive material risks.


B. Social protection services through psychosocial support, community awareness and publicizing available services to activate conversion mechanisms in targeted areas.

C. Women and girls empowerment:

  • Psychosocial support
  • Awareness of protection issues
  • Specialized services through case management


Capacity-building activities:

UOSSM International delivers capacity-building & training activities in protection sector skills:

Child protection:

  • Psychological first aid
  • Basic principles of psychosocial support
  • Case management in child protection
  • Family Tracing and Reunification
  • Parenting skills training


Community protection:

  • Basic principles of gender-based violence
  • Minimum standards for child protection
  • Protection monitoring
  • Basic principles of psychosocial support
  • Stress management strategies
  • Psychological first aid


Women and girls empowerment:

  • Psychological first aid
  • Basic principles of gender-based violence
  • Improved problems management
  • Communication skills
  • Management of friendly spaces for women and girls
  • Minimum standards on psychosocial support


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