Primary Health Care - UOSSM-CANADA

Primary Health Care

Primary health care is crucial to maintaining the well-being and overall health of a country’s citizens. With the deteriorating health conditions in Syria and the regression of health care services, it is essential that we prevent epidemics and disease outbreaks.

UOSSM is a leader in addressing this growing problem. To date, 18 primary health care centres (PHCs) have been established and are being operated by UOSSM in eight different directorates across Syria. UOSSM PHCs conducted more than 400,000 consultations to around 300,000 patients from the beginning of 2015 to September 2015.

Each PHC contains a pharmacy, laboratory, and four main speciality clinics.

The speciality clinics are:

  1. General/family medicine
  2. Internal medicine
  3. Gynaecology
  4. Paediatrics


UOSSM continues to develop PHCs by adding effective and adaptable services to the clinics. Some PHCs contain dental, dermatologic, orthopaedic, psychiatric/psychological, and nutrition clinics. Every PHC in Mayadeen, Manbej, and Marja, in areas of northern Syria, operate community outreach and nutrition services. Notably, at the beginning of 2016, an obstetrics department was also opened in four centres.

UOSSM supports over 200 medical centres and operates 18 primary health care centres, 13 mobile clinics, and one maternity clinic.


UOSSM is working to extend the "Idlib Response" project in northern Syria through four mobile clinics serving displaced people in several areas.

Mobile Clinic Routes:

  1. Sracb→ Khan ways→ Efes→ Kframam→ Neirab→ Tel Tokan
  2. Martmbarn→ Kaftin→ Zrdna→ Killi→ Hzano→ Maarath Brothers
  3. Kfrcharim→ Sgayn→ Harem→ Azmarin→ Hvsrjh→ Armanaz
  4. Tlhah→ Kvrnoran→ Grafts→ Sermin→ Dana