Medical Support


With limited healthcare workers and weakened healthcare systems as a result of war in Syria, ensuring hospitals are able to provide services to affected populations is essential. UOSSM- Canada helps strengthen hospital services and ensures that they are able to continue to address the various health needs of a population affected by conflict.



Mobile clinics are an innovative and low-cost approach to providing primary health care to geographically removed and underserved areas. Mobile clinics provide free healthcare and increase accessibility by easing financial and transportation barriers. By working at the community level, the mobile clinic can address both medical and wider community level social determinants of health and carry out important public health education.

Dental Mobile Clinic in Bangladesh

UOSSM-Canada helps provide free dental care to Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar through a mobile clinic that provides essential dental services. 

Mobile Clinic in Northeast Syria 

The clinic provides medical consultations, education about public health issues, and distributes medical supplies and hygiene kits. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, the mobile clinic makes information about the pandemic accessible to those in the district. Data is also being collected through interview and focus group discussions to conduct research on mobile clinic interventions. 



With many individuals living with physical disabilities, whether as a result of armed conflict or not, rehabilitation services cannot be abandoned in humanitarian settings. UOSSM-Canada recognizes the necessity of providing this service that is often not prioritized in humanitarian settings. UOSSM-Canada helps provide physiotherapy and rehabilitation services to help improve the quality of life of those affected by physical disabilities and injuries or congenital disabilities.

 Rehabilitation Unit in Sarmada

In addition to physiotherapy services,first aid is provided at the centre. UOSSM-Canada also provides operational and training support, medical supplies and supports nursing and pathology services at the centre.

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