Fundraise for Us

Thank you for trying to find ways to support us!

There are many ways to help and support Syrian children and their families,  and support the work of UOSSM Canada! One of the best and easiest ways is to become a fundraising ambassador! 

You can easily create a fundraiser on Facebook if you have a Facebook account by following these instructions:

To Set Up A Facebook Fundraiser:

1. Sign on to your individual Facebook account and go to your homepage. On the left-hand side find CREATE. Under CREATE select FUNDRAISERS.

2. On the Create a Fundraiser screen, select GET STARTED.

3. You will see the 3 options asking “Who are you raising money for?” SELECT nonprofit and then SELECT UOSSM Canada.

4. You will select how much you want to fundraise and when your fundraiser will end. You can start and stop a fundraiser at any time!

5. You will then click NEXT, where you will see the title of the fundraiser and below it why you are raising money for UOSSM Canada. The information automatically gets filled in, but you are welcome to add your personal touch to this part. You will then select NEXT.

6. You then need to select a cover photo, the cover photo from UOSSM Canada's Facebook page, automatically uploads, but you can choose any photo you like. 

7. After that you click CREATE and the Fundraiser will be live. 

The donation button will link directly to the UOSSM Canada Facebook donate button without leaving Facebook!

Happy Fundraising! We hope you will choose to try to help in this way, and of course if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us! We would love to know if you choose to help! [email protected]

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