UOSSM Bab Al-Hawa Hospital (BHH)

One of UOSSM’s major initiatives is the establishment of Bab Al-Hawa Hospital (BHH), which launched its initial operations at the end of 2012. BHH is currently considered the largest emergency and specialty referral hospital in northern Syria. With its six operating rooms, adult, pediatric, and neonatal Intensive Care Units (ICUs), and nine specialty outpatient medical clinics, BHH not only has the capacity to provide emergency triage and lifesaving surgeries, but also conducts many specialized surgeries and provides specialty medical services to thousands of people on a monthly basis.

The hospital provides a broad range of specialty medical and surgical services including general, thoracic, vascular, orthopedic, neuro, urologic, ophthalmic, maxillofacial, E.N.T and pediatric surgeries and medical care, in addition to, dialysis, outpatient cardiology, colonoscopy and others. Within BHH lies the largest blood bank in the area, producing 1000 blood bags, with different blood components, per month to hospitals and medical points in the region. On average, BHH conducts 900 major surgeries and provides medical services to over 10,000 patients per month. 

The Emergency Department: Provides emergency surgical operations, trauma care, and minor surgeries and admits approximately 4000 patients a month.

The Cardiology Department: Includes a Cardiology Clinic, Cardiac Care Unit, and a Cardiac Operating Room.

The Gastrointestinal Department: Provides Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, and ERCP services.

The Pediatric and Neonatal Surgical Department: Includes Neonatal and Pediatric ICU's 

Specialty Departments: BHH has an average of 900 surgeries per month in the specialty department, which includes six operating rooms. The intensive care unit includes eight beds and admits approximately 150 patients per month. 


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