UOSSM & PAC/First Hospital Survey

UOSSM & PAC Revealed the First Syria’s Hospitals Survey

Health care in Syria is under tremendous pressure due to the lack of human and material resources, for that reason a survey was taken to assess the needs of hospitals that specifically provide emergency care. 

The collapse of the health care system in Syria, especially is opposition controlled areas, indicates a lack of effective management and strategic planning in determining the health crisis in Syria due to:

  • Weakness of strategic planning and proper response
  • Unbalanced distribution of medical resources based on inaccurate and incomplete information
  • Little of insufficient provision of health care services in the general population (which is leading to a higher number of deaths)
  • Migration of doctors and medical personnel further leading to the collapse of the health care sector

The Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations (UOSSM), along with Physicians Across Continents (PAC), launched the first survey of its kind, Syria Hospital Survey Report, which will be used as the basis for coordination between the two NGOs, and as an open source for fact-driven needs assessments of medical work in Syria.

The survey is the first data collection and analysis since the beginning of the conflict to provide much-needed data to help strategize medical frameworks for local and international NGOS working in Syria. The data also provides a necessary needs assessment to aid in the setting up of personnel and financial structures.

The research, conducted in April 2015,  surveyed 113 hospitals out of the 124 hospitals in the area. 59 of the hospitals are in the northern region, 32 in the central region and 22 in the southern region. The report provides data on the number of hospitals operating in non-ISIS opposition held areas, their distribution in the country, the types of services they provide, the equipment available to them (operational and functional status of the equipment and the need for repairs or replacement) and other necessary needs.  It also identifies the financial support and human resources available to these hospitals and the workload involved for the healthcare workers.



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