UOSSM Second Hospital Survey

UOSSM Second Hospital Survey

A second survey was conducted in August 2015 by trained survey collectors. Hospital managers provided the data for the following subjects:

  • Work
  • Services Provided
  • Available Medical Equipment
  • Financial Support

The survey revealed many problems including a high shortage of medical staff, especially trained, specialized personnel.

  • 50% of the 169 general surgeons that were surveyed, worked in more than one hospital
  • 36% of of hospitals surveyed did not receive any type of financial support, further complicating provision of services

The survey also showed a major lack of medical equipment such as:

  • Respirators
  • Oxygen Generators
  • Blood Gas Machines

The survey also showed the urgent need for engineers in medical science. Many hospitals were able to obtain medical equipment despite the situation, unfortunately many devices and equipment require maintenance or repair. 

Approximately 50 X-Ray Machines, 6 CT-Scan Units, and 19 Respirators require maintenance. Many of these machines could be used once again given the proper maintenance. 

Finally, the survey revealed an uneven distribution of artificial respirators, there were only 124 artificial respirators for double the amount of ICU's, 23% of the 22 central oxygen generators are out of service,  35 of 226 anesthesia devices require repair and maintenance, and 40 out of 214 defibrillators are out of service. 


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