November 10, 2023
Contact: UOSSM Canada- Saving Lives In Syria

Gaza Press Release (10/11/23)

UOSSM-Canada Concerned About the Continued Attacks on Hospitals in Gaza

Toronto, CA-UOSSM-Canada is deeply concerned with the continued aerial bombardments on medical and hospital facilities in Gaza City yesterday, November 9th, 2023. There are 35 Hospitals in the city, and currently 20 are running out of order due to the constant attacks. These hospitals used to serve thousands of patients who suffered from chronic diseases and acute cases of infection due to penetrating and blunt trauma from constant aerial bombardments. These hospitals and medical facilities also provided cancer treatments to thousands of civilians. These patients have been unable to receive life-saving chemotherapy and radiation treatments since the escalation of violence. 

As a medical community, UOSSM-Canada vehemently condemns the further attack on hospitals and medical facilities and the deprivation of citizens from water and basic life necessities. We, collectively, ask the World Health Organization (WHO) and UN health care agencies to protect hospitals and their staff, under Article 18 of the Geneva Convention. We ask for immediate action to ensure sustained and urgent access to medical supplies, life-saving drugs, anesthetics and water to Hospitals and medical facilities. 

Finally, we call on all parties to take all necessary measures to protect and respect medical missions in Gaza City. The international community must intervene and ensure that Hospitals are protected, medical aid is received and the lives of civilians are safeguarded. 

  • Hana Faidi
    published this page in Press 2023-11-13 11:48:28 -0500

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