UOSSM Loses Three Staff Members in One Week in Daraa


Three UOSSM staff members have been killed in airstrikes in the past week in Daraa as the fierce bombardment continues to escalate. Five medical facilities have been attacked and put out of service, including UOSSM's Busr Al-Harir PHC, leaving tens of thousands with very little access to medical care and emergency care and relief, as the bombing and shelling continues to injure and kill every day. Since June 19, over 150 have been killed, at least 300 were wounded, and at least 100,000 have become internally displaced. Most of the victims are women and children. 

On June 21, Maysoun Harbat, a UOSSM midwife, was killed along with her daughter in Daraa as a result of heavy shelling. Her other daughter was also severely injured.  

On June 25, Abdulhadi Al Hariri, a volunteer UOSSM Ambulance driver, was killed in a double tab strike as he was trying to evacuate a wounded victim from the scene of an attack. Al Hariri was volunteering with UOSSM and the White Helmets to help those in need of relief. Abdulhadi had five children. 

On June 27, Yusuf Ayyash, a UOSSM warehouse worker was killed in an attack along with his wife and daughter. 



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