Stand in Solidarity with UOSSM Doctors


UOSSM has been on the ground in Syria providing vital medical care to those affected by the crisis, since 2012. UOSSM has medical and mental health facilities and mobile clinics throughout northern Syria, with thousands of medical workers.  But the fear of a brutal campaign against the people of Idlib puts at least 3 million people at risk, including those medical workers. 

Around 800 medical workers have been killed and many more have been wounded since the beginning of the crisis. Medical workers have been subject to targeted attacks, detainment, and attacks on their places of work since the beginning of the crisis. This has caused a large number of Syrian medical workers to flee Syria in search of protection for them and their families. 


In mid September, medical workers from the Idlib Health Directorate staged a work strike demanding the protection of the international community, to keep them and their places of work safe in the event of a military bombardment of the area.

Please sign our petition and join UOSSM in support of the doctors and medical workers of Idlib. Sign our petition and demand protection for them. Show your solidarity and let them know they're not alone. Your support means a lot to these workers who risk their lives daily to help others. 

Medical Workers are #NotATarget


UOSSM USA is a charitable medical care and relief organization, a member of UOSSM International, that supports the health care needs of people and communities affected by crisis. The organization was founded in response to the Syrian conflict and is an independent organization providing services regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender or religion.

10,000 signatures

Join in support of Idlib's medical workers and insist  - in the event of hostilities - that the military do not target hospitals & medical facilities.

Will you sign?

  • Mustafa Ahmed
    signed 2020-01-28 13:31:55 -0500
    The medical professionals working in Syria should be protected.

    Why are they getting killed?

    These people are saving lives with God’s help.

    They are NOT targets.

    Nor are the Syrian people.

    These facts are proof against the regime.

    C’mon government!

    You got the facts to put an end to this.

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