Non-Surgical Medical Staff In Syria

Non-Surgical Medical Staff In Syria:

The number of non-surgical staff did not reflect the precise number, as many of them worked outside the hospital in primary health care or private clinics.


  1. There were 90 medical students who had to quit their medical study.
  2. Most of specialists were rare, except for pediatricians and internists.
  3. There were only 24 specialized anesthesiologists for the whole Syria.
  4. The number of non-surgical staff was underestimated, because most of them worked in clinics outside hospitals.
  5. There were only about 50 residents in various non-surgical specialties.

1- Nursing staff:

  1. The number of nursing staff who are licensed nurses is almost equivalent to non-licensed, which reflects the great need for formal training of nurses.
  2. The number of incubator and pediatric nurses is very limited.



  1. Reasonable number of anesthesiology and radiology technicians has been noted but this figure may be overestimated, since some of them work in more than one hospital.
  2. Evaluation of dialysis and pharmacy technicians is not considered realistic unless the rest of medical facilities have been surveyed.
  3. The number of experienced midwives is below expectation likely because they are not obligated to work in hospitals.
  4. The proportion of experienced technicians is equivalent to almost one-third of all technicians and they need to be trained.


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