Evacuation Canceled


Today, UOSSM staff waited for hours at the receiving point for the Aleppo evacuees to no avail, the workers started to feel uneasy as the expected arrival was constantly delayed, until finally they got confirmation that the process and the cease fire was over. Eyewitnesses testified that as they were on route they were stopped at a checkpoint only to find armed militias waiting for them. The Red Cross and Red Crescent were ordered to leave and the militias along with tanks and army vehicles encircled the convoy. They ordered all men to come out, as they were stripped and insulted. Four were killed and others were apprehended, and many of the belongings of the people were stolen. Finally after a very tense situation they convoy was ordered to go back to the besieged area of Aleppo. UOSSM staff and other organizations were informed that the evacuations would not happen today. 


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