BREAKING: 2 UOSSM Medical Facilities Bombed in Idlib, Syria

Geneva, Switzerland- Two UOSSM medical facilities were attacked today in Jisr Al Shughour, Idlib in Syria.

An ambulance point was hit by artillery strikes at 1:45 p.m. Damascus time. Minor damages were reported and the facility was put out of service. The ambulance center is supported by UOSSM.

The UOSSM Jisr Al Shughour Health Center, Idlib, was attacked at 3:30 p.m. Damascus time on November 4, 2019. The primary health care center was directly targeted by artillery strikes and sustained minor damages. No injuries or fatalities were reported. The health center provides an average of 14,600 primary health care, gynecological, pediatric, dental, nutrition, mental health and community health services to over 9,600 beneficiaries a month. The facility was put out of service.

The Central Hospital also reported numerous rocket strikes targeting the area near the hospital.

Dr. Hussam Al Fakir, Chairman of UOSSM International said, “ As of yesterday, we are seeing a new escalation of violence with civilian areas being heavily targeted. This year has been horrific for attacks against medical facilities and civlians. Hospitals are Not A Target!"

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