August 2017

On August 21, UOSSM participated in World Humanitarian Day at the “Not a Target” event in Geneva, Switzerland. The event helped bring awareness to the targeting of medical facilities during conflict, and the detrimental effect this has on civilians and humanitarians.

Join the movement online with #NotATarget 
Save the Date: UOSSM Canada's Annual Meeting
Working Side by Side with SAMS
(SAMS) and UOSSM have partnered together to strengthen Syria’s healthcare directorate by supporting the Hama, Homs, Aleppo and Daraa healthcare Directorates. Staff salaries will be supported for three months beginning in August. Why work alone, when you are stronger together? 
July's Monthly Hospital Report is Here 
UOSSM has collected work load information reported from 93 out of 142 hospitals (Non-Governmental, Non-ISIS, Non-PKK Areas) in Syria during the month of July 2017. Data collection and research is an integral part of our work at UOSSM, read the full report below: 
Three Child Protection Centers Opened in Northern Syria
UOSSM, in partnership with UNICEF, opened three child protection centers. UOSSM believes in the protection and safety of these children and their childhoods.
The centers were opened in Qah, Kafr Nabl, and Hamer (Idlib) for six months beginning in March.
One Week of 130 Free Training Opportunities in Northern Syria
UOSSM’s Free Training Week on August 9-14, offered 6 free training courses with a goal to qualify staff inside Syria.
UOSSM has provided training to over 2500 trainees since the beginning of 2017.

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