Have you ever had a bad day and thought you were the unluckiest person in the world, and no matter what you do everything is just wrong? Maybe you should think again and count your blessings because you really don’t know how blessed you are to be safe, healthy and surrounded by your family and friends.
Khadija is not so lucky…this young woman has felt pain in ways you probably could not even imagine. While she was five months pregnant with her second child the unthinkable happened to her in the comfort of her home. A barrel bomb came down on her home destroying any warm and fuzzy feelings she may have felt in her life. The ceiling came crashing down on her small family killing her husband and her four year old little boy. Pregnant Khadija was paralyzed from the waist down. But her baby survived… and she survived… fighting to find some sort of normalcy in her life. She has been in UOSSM’s Dar al Istishfaa Medical Center in Turkey since the end of July and last week she delivered a beautiful, healthy baby boy that she named Fadi after her late husband. Truly with hardship comes ease.

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