Gaza Emergency Response

The ongoing violence and blockade in the Gaza Strip has displaced and left over a million people without food, water, electricity, and safe shelter. Hospitals in particular are suffering as they are operating without any basic necessities such as electricity and medical supplies to be able to treat the influx of patients. On top of that, they have become a target of carpet bombing, putting the lives of medical staff such as doctors and nurses in danger while they are trying to save the lives of civilians affected by the war.


UOSSM - Responding on the ground

UOSSM-Canada doctors were part of the 1st Canadian medical convoy that returned from Gaza after conducting many needed surgeries in hospitals located in Southern Gaza and delivering medical supplies. 

UOSSM-Canada is delivering urgent medical supplies including specialized items for wound care recovery and will be filling in the gap of mental health services via telemedicine. 

Help provide a wound recovery kit for $250

Help a person with mental health support over a three month period for $150

UOSSM Canada in the Media

Dr. Aliya Khan interview with CTV News discussed UOSSM Canada Press Conference which called for an end to the hostilities and the open and unpeeded access to medical and humanitarian aid to Gaza

CTV News Toronto Interview

Dr. Anas Al-Kassem talk at the Hamilton Mountain Masjid: My time in Gaza

Dr. Anas MAH Talk

Dr. Anas Al-Kassem in an exclusive interview with CNN Newsroom Corespondent John Vause, shares his experience as a member of Canada's first medical convoy to Gaza. Watch his interview below!

CNN Interview Dr. Anas

Dr. Anas Al-Kassem shares his experience in Gaza with Canadian news station CBC.

Dr. Anas CBC Interview

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