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Hanine & Farah

In the beginning of October 2016, Hanine and Farah’s family home in Idlib, Syria, was targeted by an airstrike that cost their father his life and resulted in severe injuries for the two sisters.

They both had to be transferred to a hospital immediately in order to undergo surgery, unfortunately, the medical equipment necessary wasn’t available and thus Hanine ended up losing her leg at the age of 10 years old. Farah’s diagnosis was complicated and she too was facing the risk of losing one of her legs.

On October 21st, 2016, a group of doctors in a humanitarian mission visited one of UOSSM’s hospitals in Syria, where Farah and Hanine were being treated. Dr David Nott, a British surgeon, along with Dr Raphaël Pitti and Dr Ziad Alissa, who are both anesthetists, performed a delicate and complicated reconstructive surgery on Farah. Her leg was eventually saved thanks to this surgical intervention done at the right time.

Two years later, Hanine and Farah live in nearby village in Antakya, Turkey. They are both recovering well. To learn more about Hanine and Farah’s story, click here.