Wave of Hospital Bombings Paralyzes Medical System in Idlib, Syria


 A joint statement was sent out today on behalf of the largest national medical NGO's in Syria; UOSSM (Union Of Medical Care and Relief Organizations), SAMS (Syrian American Medical Society), SBMS (Syrian British Medical Society- UOSSM Member), Syria Relief (UOSSM Member), SHAAM Humanitarian, SIMRO (Sustainable International Medical Relief Organization), IDA (Independent Doctors Association), SEMA (Syrian Expatriate Medical Association), demanding immediate action by the United Nations for the systematic and continued targeting of medical facilities in Idlib, and throughout Syria. Eight medical facilities in Idlib were deliberately attacked in April, paralyzing the medical infrastructure and leaving thousands without access to medical care. Numerous other hospitals throughout Syria were also attacked in April.  

Today a hospital and a two ambulance systems were attacked, putting them out of service. A total of 14 were killed today, including four paramedics. Please click here to read the full press release. 


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