UOSSM Staff Member Killed in Ghouta As Fierce Bombing Campaign Continues


A UOSSM staff member, Abdul Rahman Ismail, was killed today in Ghouta. Abdul Rahman was only 28 years old.  Abdul Rahman said in his last voice mail to UOSSM staff minutes before he was killed, “I am right in an area with a safe shelter and there is a hospital, but truthfully speaking it is absolutely terrible, airstrikes and barrels dropping like crazy, we don’t even have time to count them, or whether we should count them or to just run away." He is survived by his wife and two children. 

It was another brutal day in Ghouta as over 200 have been killed and over 700 wounded in the past two days. All of the victims were civilians, and most were women and children. 

Eight medical facilities were attacked today in eastern Ghouta, for a total of 13 hospital attacks in 48 hours. Reports state there have been over 127 airstrikes, illegal barrels, and countless mortars and artillery strikes today. This has paralyzed the already crippled medical infrastructure in Ghouta. At least 200 civilians have been killed and over 700 wounded in the past two days. Many of the victims are women and children.

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