UOSSM-Canada Expands its Tele-Health Program - UOSSM-CANADA

UOSSM-Canada Expands its Tele-Health Program

UOSSM-Canada's tele-health program, in collaboration with SAMS, allows medical professionals to provide much needed medical advice and instruction to poorly resourced medical workers in Syria's under siege towns. Now, the program is gearing up to expand its tele-health to include radiology services. Launching in February, with the  outreach help of the Muslim Medical Association of Canada, the expanded tele-health program will add ten radiologists from the Toronto area. These radiologists will take shifts in order to provide 24/7 radiology services to Bab el Hawa Hospital, the largest trauma hospital, run by UOSSM. Currently there are no radiologists onsite at the hospital, therefore covering this urgent will go a long way in improving the level of medical services provided at the hospital. 

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