UOSSM Assists 5000 Forcefully Displaced from Ghouta

UOSSM responded to the forced displacement of the first two groups of people from Ghouta. On Thursday, 450 families, roughly 2000 people, were displaced from Harasta, Ghouta. The second group of over 3000 people were transported earlier this morning. The people were transported from Harasta to Qalaat Al Madeeq in the suburbs of Hama. UOSSM provided child protection services, primary health care services, and ambulances to transport severe cases to area hospitals. UOSSM was one of several organizations aiding in the process. 
Many of those that came, including numerous children, were in poor medical condition (intestinal infections, hepatitis, skin disease, trauma injuries), having received very little medical attention over the past five years. They were, hungry, thirsty, and mentally and physically exhausted from the fierce bombardment they were subject to for over a month, and the siege for over five years. Many have not had clean drinking water or a meal for days. Please click here to read the full press release. 



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