One Boy's Miracle Story

At times of war, and in areas of war zones, it is very difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But we all need stories of hope and success to keep moving forward and to continue this mission to help save lives. I met with a doctor who was working in the hospitals in Syria. He shared stories of hope with me. This is one of them...

A young four year old boy was brought into UOSSM's Bab Al-Hawa Hospital, along with his sibling who was killed. Their family had been ripped apart by the war. The father was detained five years earlier. The little boy's leg was hurt in an attack and he needed to have his leg amputated. The boy's mother plead with the doctor, saying, please he is all I have left, please don't amputate his leg! The doctors could not ignore the cries of the desperate mother and decided to try and save the young boy's leg, it was a long shot but they felt obligated to do whatever they could. 

The surgery lasted for hours... inserting rods, reconnecting tissue and reconstructing the leg, but after the surgery they weren't sure it would be a success.

The boy would have to receive physical therapy, he would have to work very hard. He would endure months of physical therapy and care. 

After several months the defining moment for the doctor came, when they saw the young boy stand alone on his own two feet. By some amazing miracle the surgery and the attempt to save his leg was a success and the boy walked again! 

These stories of hope provide strength to those working on the ground, knowing that they can make a difference and were able to save that boy along with the countless others is what keeps these doctors going under extreme stress and pressure. Ultimately saving lives and building hope is why they are doing what they do. 



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