Tweeter Bana Alabed Among Evacuated Children



Among the thousands of civilians that were evacuated today was Bana Alabed, the young seven year old who gained a huge following after she and her mother started tweeting about their situation in besieged eastern Aleppo. Bana, along with her mother and two siblings were protected and accompanied by UOSSM staff until moved to a safe, undisclosed location. 

Approximately 6000-6500 were evacuated today in a total of 109 buses, among the people were approximately 75-100 wounded and sick patients. 

Over 14 NGOs and Emergency Ambulance Systems have been involved in the evacuation of besieged Eastern Aleppo. UOSSM was among those NGOs, which deployed 26 ambulances, and over 195 UOSSM staff and volunteers in the evacuation process, and UOSSM Safety and Security Director, along with other assistants, was assigned as the focal point for the coordination of evacuation to ensure proper triage of patients to designated hospitals and evacuation of people to safety sites. 


Kauthar, another of many children that were evacuated from eastern Aleppo, told her story as she was sitting alone, on a chair, with a bandage on her chin and a broken hand. She told UOSSM's Safety and Security Director how her father, grandmother and aunt were killed in Aleppo. 

The pain in the children's eyes as the speak is heartbreaking. 

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