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The June Monthly Hospital Report

Over the past month, UOSSM has collected work load information reported from 93 out of 142 hospitals (Non-Governmental, Non-ISIS, Non-PKK Areas) in Syria during the month of June 2017. It is very crucial for us to collect these statistics as it gives health-care providers and relief organizations in Syria an idea of the current workload that the hospitals face and assess the ongoing and changing needs.


Beginning with the Emergency Rooms, there were about 132,741 patients seen, which included Obs & Gyn, Medical, Pediatric and Surgical. Those that were treated in the ER rooms across the country, 7,741 were trauma war-related injuries and 18,423 were trauma non-war-related injuries. The outpatient departments saw a staggering 256,300 people, in which 200,407 were non-surgical OP and 55,893 were surgical OP. The inpatient departments had 51,147 patients check-in. 18,552 minor surgeries, 9,800 major surgeries that include patients suffering from war-related and non-war-related, 20,603 ward admissions and 2,192 ICU admissions were reported. The mortality in hospital was 471 people and for children under 5 mortality was 157. Throughout the hospitals in Syria the total number of ICU and ward beds present were 304 & 1,833 respectively. There were 9,449 successful deliveries. Out of those 2,858 were C-sections and 6,591 were vaginal deliveries.

The report exhibits the ongoing need for health-care in Syria as the country continues to suffer. The attacks have either destroyed, damaged, or halted the medical services provided to the Syrian people. The security situation is preventing aid workers from reaching those who are trapped by the fighting and who are in great need. Syria is now considered the most dangerous place on Earth to practice medicine. As the violence and attacks escalate the need of medical assistance keeps on increasing. It is crucial to spread awareness and support the people in need. UOSSM’s 1000+ dedicated staff members across the world are working hard to make a difference in the lives of Syrians inside Syria and in neighboring countries, to provide the medical support that is so desperately needed. Together saving lives & building hope.

Read the Full Report here.

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