Surgical Medical Staff In Syria

Surgical Medical Staff In Syria: 


  1. The survey of hospitals implicated accuracy of the survey of the surgical staff due to the fact that surgeons work almost exclusively in hospitals, through different specializations. However, there is a 50% chance of over-estimation due to the shared work of a number of surgical staff in more than one hospital according to the given detailed sample. This applies particularly to under siege areas.
  2. We noted that specialists outnumbered residents in all disciplines.

  3. Most of specialists were general, orthopedic or obstetrician surgeons, followed by urologists and otolaryngologists, and the remaining were rare, in general.

  4. Pediatric, oncology, maxillary and neurosurgery specialists were scarce.

  5. There were about 150 residents in diverse surgical specialties, many functioning as main surgeons.

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