The event's program will feature keynote address from Sheikh Alaa Elsayed. We'll also be joined by Sister Anna who will share her experience of working in Dar Al Shifa's emergency department.


Palestinians living under chronic occupation are exposed to high levels of violence. According to WHO, in 2019, 134 Palestinians were killed and 15 492 injured in the context of occupation and conflict, 80% of those killed and 76% of those injured were in the Gaza Strip.

Due to current escalations in violence, Gaza’s limited healthcare services have been drained. Increased hostilities and airstrikes have damaged multiple healthcare clinics, and hospitals across the Gaza Strip. Beside the shortage of medicine and physical damage to the hospital and its equipment, doctors have been killed- resulting in a great loss of medical knowledge and expertise.

In addition to supporting the hospital with surgical equipment, UOSSM-Canada will also provide medical education and training.

Join us for a night of inspiration and insight on how we can support our Palestinian brothers and sisters in Gaza.

All proceeds collected will go towards purchasing much needed equipment in the surgical department of Dar Al Shifa Hospital.

*Proof of vaccination would be required to attend this event. The vaccine requirement indicates that a person is fully vaccinated 14 days after they receive the 2nd dose.

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