Statement on Humanitarian Situation in Gaza

UOSSM Canada is very concerned with the recent episodes of violence in Israel and Gaza, declaration of War by the state of Israel, and call by the Israeli government for immediate evacuations of Gaza hospitals. 

As a humanitarian organization we are very concerned about the targeting and use of civllians by political groups as a weapon in conflict. We are also concerned about the political groups responding to the actions of a few with collective punishment of an entire civilian population, something which is considered a crime under International Law. All civilian life is sacred regardless of their ethnicity, religion, or beliefs.

As mentioned by Lynn Hastings, the UN Humanitarian Coordinator for the OPT, the situation in Gaza is inhumane. Civilian homes, schools, and hospitals are all being targeted. Electricty and water are being cut off to hospitals and aid is completely blocked from entering. 

As a medical relief organization, we have taken an oath to support physicians and nurses who are tirelessly working around the clock to save lives. Therefore we are urging the Canadian government to call for a ceasefire and facilitate medical relief convoyes and the immediate entry of health care specialists into Gaza. 


UOSSM-Canada Board of Directors

October 2023 

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