September 2018



UOSSM-Canada Launches #EyesonIdlib Campaign

This month, UOSSM-Canada launched an online campaign urging the public and news media to keep #EyesOnIdlib by sharing updates and statistics related to the humanitarian situation in Idlib and the targeting of medical facilities and aid workers. An online fund was also set up to support UOSSM’s operations to provide emergency medical relief and primary healthcare in Idlib and elsewhere.


UOSSM Holds Opening Ceremony for New Mental Health Center in Ankara
UOSSM held an opening ceremony on September 20th for the new mental health care centre in Ankara, Turkey. The event was attended by French Ambassador in Ankara, Charles Fries, the EU ambassador, Christian Bege, representatives of the Turkish Ministry of Health and representatives of the project partners Relief International, European Union, and UOSSM. The centre will provide the following services to Syrian refugees:
• Group and individual psychotherapy sessions
• Mental health and psychosocial support services for all age groups.
• Child rehabilitation services for children with special needs such as mental disorders, autism, and mental retardation
• Training and qualification courses in mental health and psychosocial support
• Referral services


UOSSM Awarded Grant for Health Integrated Resilience System

UOSSM was awarded the Grand Challenges Canada grant for the implementation of the "Health Integrated Resilience System", a three-pronged project to address the primary healthcare needs in Syria. The project will combine solar power, electric ambulances and telemedicine to more efficiently serve patients in conflict zones. The proposal was selected from a total of 615 proposals, of which less than 20 will receive funding. Three of the awardees, including UOSSM were chosen to present at the Concordia Summit on Tuesday September 25 in New York. 


UOSSM Medical Facilities Provide Services to Over 90,000 IDPs in Northern Syria in Six Months
UOSSM medical facilities provided care to over 90,000 internally displaced persons in northern Syria over the past six months. The following facilities provided care: Jisr Al Shaghoor, Al Barra, Areeha, Quorqonia, and Dayr Hassan. The centres provide nutrition services and psychosocial support services as well. There were also 60,000 beneficiaries from supported hospitals, part of the emergency response project by OCHA, which provided medical equipment, medicines and consumables.
Dayr Hassan Clinics Provide Important Medical Services 
Since the launch of the Dayr Hassan Clinic in northern Syria six months ago, over 10,000 patients have received medical care. The clinics include the following departments: internal medicine, gynecological services, pediatric services, nutrition services, psychosocial support services, and mental health care services.
UOSSM Mobile Clinics Provide Healthcare Services to Internally Displaced Person Camps and Hard-to-Reach Areas
UOSSM Mobile Clinics reached over 9000 patients in internally displaced person camps and hard-to-reach areas. The mobile clinics provide medical health care, nutrition services, psychosocial support services, and mental health care services in northern Syria. The goal of the mobile clinics is to provide medical services to patients that are not within reach of healthcare or who are unable to get to medical facilities.
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