September 2017

Doctors In Danger Petition 
In September we launched the Doctors in Danger campaign that seeks to bring awareness to the systematic attacks against health and aid workers in Syria. UOSSM Canada has launched a petition, which has already garnered over 16,000 signatures, that asks for the implementation of the international law which prohibits attacks against medical facilities and the opening of a safe impartial humanitarian corridor for NGOs to deliver essential assistance. September also happened to mark one of the worst times for hospitals in Syria, with 19 recorded attacks in total against hospitals & medical aid facilities. 

If you haven't signed the petition yet please do so & share with your friends on social media with #DoctorsInDanger.
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UOSSM Signs Agreement “Towards Humanity with No Limits ”With King Salman ’s Center for Humanitarian Relief and Development for Support of Largest Hospital in Northern Syria
On August 22, UOSSM signed an agreement with representatives of King Salman's Center for Humanitarian Relief and Development, in GaziantepTurkey, to support the largest hospital in the northern region of Syria.
The hospital provides care to 15,000 patients a month.
The King Salman Center will be funding this project as part of a campaign of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to aid their brothers in Syria.


Training Program to Support Health Directorates in Southern Syria
A human resources course was launched in southern Syria for staff of health directorates.
This is one part of a series of 10 medical courses in management that will be offered.
These courses were designed to strengthen and support the health directorates in southern Syria.



Malnutrition Survey Launched in Northern Syria
 A malnutrition survey was launched in September in northern Syria in the northern and southern suburbs of Idlib, and the southern suburbs of Aleppo.
The main goal of the survey is to find early cases of malnutrition in children ranging in age from 6 months to 59 months, lactating mothers, and pregnant women, and to raise awareness, and to provide nutritional supplements and vitamins.
This initiative was supported by Partners in the Local Council of Nutrition.

UOSSM, With the Support of WHO, Continues to Support Healthcare Provision in Besieged Area of Al Zaafaraneh
UOSSM, with the support of WHO, continued to provide support to Al-Zaafaraneh PHC, in the suburbs of Homs, which continues to be besieged.
The goal is to have continuous healthcare provided to over 8700 beneficiaries a month.


Extension of the Community-Based Response for War-Affected People in Northern Syria
There was an extension of the community based response for war-affected persons in northern Syria in QahKafr Nabl, and Harim.
The project, which will provide comprehensive child protection response, is in partnership with UNICEF and will last for six months


UOSSM Aids in Evacuation of People of Aqeerbat in the Suburbs of Hama
UOSSSM aided in the evacuation of the people of Aqeerbat in the suburbs of Hama.
UOSSM staff and UOSSM emergency vehicles were there to assist in the evacuation process providing first aid and nutritional supplements.
UOSSM also helped transport critical cases to specialty hospitals and civilians to shelters.

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