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The de-escalation zone in Syria encompassing Northern Hama and Idlib Provinces is witnessing ongoing and large-scale cease-fire violations by multiple parties. Recent escalations on March 12th showed the first use of incendiary phosphorous attacks—a flammable chemical weapon—in almost a year and targeting the towns of al-Tamanah, Sarmin, and Khan Sheikhoun all located Idlib countryside.

Major population centers in Idlib and northern Hama are experiencing large scale displacement due to the continual shelling and airstrikes. The towns of Maarat al-Numaan, Khan Sheikhoun, and Saraqib are emptying because of continual attacks. Medical facilities in these cities are being repeatedly targeted creating difficulties in caring for the victims. Reports also show targeting of schools, bakeries, and first responders. The collapse of basic services and the constant threat of attack are creating unlivable conditions in these communities.

The ceasefire has continuously been violated through artillery and rocket bombardment in the de-escalation zone, forcing aid organizations to withdraw. The attacks are exacerbating a severe humanitarian crisis in Idlib. The 3.3 million residents—of whom 1.2 million are Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) continue to experience overcrowding in shelters, lack of employment, and food sources.

The potential collapse of the de-escalation zone risks creating the largest humanitarian crisis in the history of the Syrian civil war. The Government of Canada must escalate this time - sensitive matter and intervene.

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