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Rohingya Crisis: Double Your Donation

Since August 2017, approximately 600,000 Rohingya women, men, and children have fled to Bangladesh to flee the violence in Myanmar, forming the largest concentration of refugees in the world. Given the scale of the humanitarian and health disaster affecting the country, the UOSSM doctors are mobilizing for an exceptional mission to Cox Bazar, from November 18 to 22, to treat and operate refugee populations deprived of access to care.


From November 18 to 22nd a group of UOSSM doctors will be making a medical mission to Bangladesh. Working in partnership with Syria Relief and the David Nott Foundation, our objectives are: 

  1. To provide surgical treatment at Cox-national hospital and run training courses for local surgeons

  2. To provide medical treatment at Teknaf refugees camps.

  3. Field assessment for future missions.

  4. To provide humanitarian aid


The best way you can help is by donating today. Time is running out. Until November 28, the Government of Canada will match dollar-for-dollar every eligible donation made by individual Canadians to UOSSM Canada supporting our mission in Cox Bazaar Bangladesh. This is an essential time to donate and your ability to make a difference is DOUBLED. 

That means if you donate $100, for example, the government of Canada will make your gift $200. The deadline is quickly approaching, if you haven't had the chance to support, now is the time.