BREAKING: Telmnes Hospital Hit By Airstrikes In Syria Killing 1 Patient

Syrian Solar Hospital Saves Lives and Combats Climate Change

UOSSM’s ‘Syria Solar’ initiative has successfully launched a second solar power system in north western Syria on July 22, 2019, with the support of the Idlib Health Directorate. The facility is one of the key hospitals in northern Syria and specializes in orthopaedics. UOSSM field teams installed the 90 kWp solar photovoltaic system which consisted of; 300 solar photovoltaic panels, 12 inverters, 216 batteries and an advanced data control system. The hospital is expected to save approximately 60,000 liters of diesel fuel per year. This amounts to saving approximately 40-45% of the annual energy cost for the hospital. The system can fully provide uninterrupted electricity for the operating room, emergency department, and other critical services at the hospital during diesel outages.

“In the past three months, 34 medical facilities have been bombed in north western Syria. After eight years of conflict, the electrical grid in many parts of Syria has become dysfunctional leading many health facilities to depend on diesel generators for electricity. Frequent shortages of fuel and gouging fuel prices jeopardize patient lives. ”- Said Dr. Anas Al Kassem, Board Member- UOSSM International and War Surgeon

UOSSM’s ‘Syria Solar’ initiative is part of a greater effort in Syria to transition the health system to renewable energy. By early 2020, it is expected that over 45 health facilities, in partnership with the Health Directorates in north western Syria, will use solar energy as the primary source of electricity. The move towards solar will be implemented by various international agencies and Syrian NGOs.

“Renewable energy for health facilities in particular is necessary for ensuring that the services which local communities depend on continue to be provided without interruption. Not only does it have the potential to democratize the way we use energy, but it can also localize the key ingredients that enable the health system to operate”-Said Talal Kanaan, Founder of the ‘Syria Solar’ & ‘ HIRS’ initiatives.

Dr. Al Kassem added, “Syrians still believe in a brighter future and embrace positivity and progress. They see the immediate dangers of war, but also the dangers of climate change which threatens all of us. This project is a symbol of hope for the Syrian people and a testament to their ability to innovate despite insurmountable odds.”

Dr. Sameeh Qadoor, Hospital Director said, “The solar power system will be enough in emergency situations and will provide stability for electricity in times of diesel shortages or loss of power in the generators. In addition, it will reduce the use of fuel in normal situations. We will be able to continue to work in all situations, thank God.”

Furthering its commitment to innovation, UOSSM has also launched the HIRS pilot project (Health Integrated Resilience Systems) to integrate electric vehicle infrastructure for ambulance and vaccine transport at solar powered health facilities in Syria. The HIRS project aims to streamline solar power, electric vehicles, and telemedicine to help solve challenges with energy, fuel, and human resources in conflict zones, while increasing resilience of the health system. 

HIRS Project:

Media inquiries and interviews please contact :

Name: Avi D’Souza, Director Of Communications
UOSSM International
Phone: (647) 528-5029



BREAKING: Three Ambulance Staff Killed in Targeted Attack Today in Northwest Syria

BREAKING: Multiple Airstrikes Target Marketplace in Idlib Syria, Killing at Least 37



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BREAKING UOSSM Ambulance Center and 3 More Facilities Hit By Airstrikes in Syria

On July 10 at 9:40 am Damascus time, an airstrike hit a UOSSM ambulance center in Jisr Al Shughour causing material damage to the ambulances and facility. No injuries or casualties were reported.

During the same attack, the Al Kelawai Hospital (partially supported by UOSSM) in Jisr Al Shughour was also hit by an airstrike and suffered material damage. Six civilians living near the facility were killed. Five staff (one anesthesiologist, three cleaning staff and one warehouse assistant) were injured with no staff casualties reported.

At 9:40 am Damascus time the Saraqeb Primary Healthcare Center in Idlib was hit by an airstrike. No injuries or casualties were reported.

The Maarat Al Nouman Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in Northern Syria was hit by aircraft guns and rockets. The facility is a major referral center for civilian victims during the current military offensive. The hospital had shared its coordinates with all military actors through the UN deconfliction channel. No injuries or casualties were reported.

Three days ago, Dr. Muhammad Abdul Baqi , a member of the faculty of Academy of Health Sciences at Syrian Expatriate Medical Association (SEMA), died from injuries sustained in an airstrike in Mhambel, Idlib. This airstrike on a civilian area also killed seven children.

UOSSM calls for the immediate investigation of these targeted attacks on medical facilities, and that perpetrators are held responsible for war crimes. Today’s attacks mark at least 32 medical facilities bombed since April 28, 2019. "The continuous attacks on medical facilities over the past few months are crippling the medical infrastructure in Northern Syria. Every doctor is terrified to go into work, knowing that it could be their last day. The airstrikes on hospitals and staff never stop. It hasn’t stopped for the past 8 years. International law is a complete failure in Syria and sets a precedent around the world to be ignored. We condemn the apathy and cowardice of the international community and honour the bravery of aid workers in the region, who risk their lives every day to to save others.”- Said Dr. Hussam Al Fakir, Chairman of UOSSM Intl.

Media inquiries and interviews please contact :

Name: Avi D'Souza

Director Of Communications, UOSSM Intl.

Phone: (647) 528-5029


About UOSSM :

UOSSM (Union des Organisations de Secours et Soins Médicaux) provides free medical aid to the people of Syria regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender, religion or political affiliation. UOSSM international, founded by Syrian Doctors around the world, started in 2012 and operates 12 major hospitals and supports 120 clinics inside Syria. UOSSM has performed over 1,000,000 medical treatments inside Syria since inception.

Ambulance System Point Targeted in Maarat Al-Nouman, Syria

An ambulance system point was directly targeted today, June 27, at 12:55 pm Damascus time, damaging two ambulances and causing major damage to the building, windows and doors. The facility was put out of service. No casualties were reported. Ambulances are discharged from this point to help those wounded in attacks and transport them to area hospitals. Just one week ago an ambulance, transporting a wounded victim of an attack was targeted by an airstrike killing three paramedics and the patient.

Since April 28, 27 medical facilities have been attacked and put out of service and at least 60 other medical facilities have suspended operations due to the continuous bombings leaving the area of Northern Hama and Southern Idlib in a state of emergency.

UOSSM staff on the ground in conjunction with local health directorates report at least 400 civilians have been killed (including at least 150 children), over 1,000 have been injured and 400,000 IDPs displaced by bombardment on civilian areas.

*due to the situation on the ground numbers are constantly changing


BREAKING: 3 Ambulance Staff of NGO ‘Violet’ Killed By Airstrikes

On June 20th at 10:50am, an airstrike in Ma’arat Nu’man, Syria , targeted an ambulance operated by the NGO ‘Violet’, killing three staff and one patient. In the strongest terms, UOSSM condemns the killing of aid workers and the deliberate destruction of medical facilities, which is a clear violation of UNSC 2286 and a war crime.  We stand in solidarity with all aid workers operating in Syria and mourn the loss of these courageous paramedics. Since April 28, 25 medical facilities have been bombed and 60 facilities have suspended operations from fear of attack.

UOSSM also condemns the attack on civilian areas of Benin, Idlib on June 19 at 5:40 pm, which killed 11 civilians and wounded six. Three children were among those killed and three women and two children were among the wounded

Violet Press Release: 

On June 20th at 10:50am, Violet were subjected to a violation of international humanitarian law and the fourth Geneva Convention from 1949, which are meant to protect humanitarian workers.

Warplanes directly targeted one of our ambulances in the area of Ma’arat al Nu’man, where our emergency paramedics were on duty and providing crucial rescue assistance to those affected by the attacks. As a result of the attack,     three of our volunteers were killed, their names are Sa’er Bahloul , Mahmoud Al Mustafa and Abdul Kader Nahtan . In addition to one female patient being killed, whom the team had successfully rescued and were on their way to transporting her to hospitals nearby. Furthermore, three other paramedics were seriously injured.

Violet, as a humanitarian organization, strongly condemns the targeting and attack on health facilities, ambulances and humanitarian workers. We in Violet Organization affirm that we are committed to the cause of our families in Syria, regardless of circumstance.

While our staff are working tirelessly in one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world today, We remain committed unceasingly upholding our humanitarian duty towards the four million Syrians in Idleb and Northern Aleppo every single day. Ensuring the protection of humanitarian workers and health facilities via the international community is a necessity for us to continue our work.

We demand the international community to take immediate action to ensure the protection of humanitarian workers as per the Geneva convention and resolution 2286. We at Violet cannot afford to lose more human lives in the name of destruction.

Mercy to our lost staff; patience and strength to their families.

+18 شهداء بنفسج بعد استهدافهم بغارات جوية مباشرة



55 Medical Facilities Crippled After Bombings in Syria

The entire medical system of Northern Hama and Southern Idlib, Syria, is in a state of emergency, with 55 medical facilities shut down after a month of continuous bombing. 

Since April 28, 25 medical facilities have been bombed, with some hospitals hit by airstrikes on multiple days. With the majority of medical facilities shut down, hundreds of thousands of civilians and IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) are left without any access to medical care.

In a region of Southern Idlib, only one hospital is left serving a population of over 500,000. The use of phosphorous (incendiary weapons) and barrel bombs in addition to airstrikes has created an apocalyptic landscape for civilians. 

UOSSM staff on the ground in conjunction with local health directorates report 347 civilians have been killed (including at least 75 children), over 1,000 have been injured and 400,000 IDPs displaced by bombardment on civilian areas.





BREAKING: Three Children and Mother of UOSSM Staff Killed by Airstrike

On May 27, an airstrike in a civilian area of Ariha, Idlib- Syria killed three children and the mother of Fadal Fahham, a mobile clinic driver for UOSSM. The two twin girls (Zain and Sham Fahham) were four years old and the boy (Wesam Fahham) was nine years old.

In the strongest terms, UOSSM denounces the continuous targeted airstrikes on civilians. These attacks are a clear war crime and have left a wake of dead children and grieving families behind them. UOSSM demands that perpetrators are held accountable for war crimes immediately. We express our deepest condolences to Fadal Fahham and his family for this senseless tragedy. These atrocities must not be allowed to continue for one more day.  

In addition, on May 28 at 10:40 am, the Dar Al Hikma Hospital in Kafranbel, Idlib was hit by and airstrike and destroyed. No injuries or casualties were reported.

On May 28 at 10:40 am, UOSSM’s Hazarin Community Health Care Center in Idlib was hit by an airstrike and completely destroyed. No injuries or casualties were reported.

On May 27th, 18 people were killed by airstrikes in Idlib including seven children and six women, with 32 civilians severely injured. Since the start of the military campaign on April 28, 265 civilians have been killed and 828 were injured. Reports from our staff on the ground indicate there are now 400,000 internally displaced people in the region since April 28. 21 medical facilities have also been bombed since the campaign started and 49 facilities have suspended operations.

Video: Fadal grieving for his children
Video: After an airstrike in Alhabeet (children)
Video: UOSSM's Harazin Community Health Clinic after being destroyed

Joint Statement: 44 Syrian and International NGOs Call for Immediate End to Attacks on Civilians and Hospitals in Idlib, Syria

Three million civilians in northwest Syria are scared and many are homeless. With no concrete actions taken beyond political statements and promises, Syria and the world may soon be witnessing the “worst humanitarian tragedy of the 21st century”. Rescue and medical workers on the ground are warning that they have not seen such ferocious attacks in eight years in Idlib. If the conflict continues to escalate, as many as 700,000 people could be displaced from their homes in Syria’s last opposition stronghold.

According to the United Nations, over 200,000 people were forced to flee the continuous bombing and shelling of towns in southern Idlib and northern Hama and have few options to seek safety. Up to 80,000 of those who have fled are sleeping rough with no shelter, and many others are crammed into overcrowded homes. Since the beginning of the escalation at the end of April, the United Nations confirmed at least 105 have been killed, 3 IDP sites were impacted, and 17 schools have been damaged or destroyed. The United Nations has counted 23 attacks on 20 health facilities, some of them hit twice. 49 have had to suspend their operations due to attacks or insecurity. Some of the health facilities that were attacked were on the de-conflicted list provided to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

“Attacks on community hospitals, including specialized maternity centers left thousands without medical care in Aleppo and East Ghouta,” said Dr. Ahmad Tarakji, SAMS President. “Last year, our medical staff on the ground agreed to share hospital coordinates as part of the UN de-confliction mechanism: The United Nations has a responsibility to protect these hospitals and present a tangible plan to deter such attacks. The people of Syria have the right to know who is attacking and destroying their hospitals.”

Half of the three million people living in Idlib are internally displaced already and have experienced this violence time and again over the course of this conflict. The memory of Aleppo, East Ghouta, and Daraa, is still fresh in their minds, as they fear the latest offensive is only an indicator to the full-scale assault to come.

“Half of Syria’s population has already been displaced by eight years of war, yet the worst may still come,” said Arnaud Quemin, Mercy Corps’ Syria Country Director. “While entire communities were forced to flee and sought shelter in Idlib, three million people there, half of whom are internally displaced already, now fear they will have nowhere to go if war comes again to their doorsteps.”

There is no justification for ongoing attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure. Parties to the conflict have a legal obligation to protect civilians and spare them from the worst effects of the fighting and to avoid attacking schools, hospitals and homes. Clearly these rules are being violated in northwest Syria today. In response to the recent alarming chapters of military escalation, we, the undersigned Syrian and international human rights, humanitarian and solidarity organizations, urge all parties to act quickly to ensure the protection of civilians in northwest Syria and compliance with international humanitarian law:

The United Nations Security Council members have a mandate to ensure the protection of civilians and maintain international peace and security. They cannot keep hiding behind divisions in the Council to allow the worst to happen in Idlib, and should exercise all the pressure they can on warring parties to end the hostilities, stop the systematic attacks on civilian infrastructure, and ensure that cross-border and cross-line humanitarian access is facilitated to allow aid agencies to reach all communities in need, in compliance with UNSC resolution 2393.

We also call on UNSC members to work with Turkey and Russia to honor their commitments to the so-called demilitarized zone agreement signed by both parties in September 2018 and implement an immediate ceasefire over the entirety of northwest Syria.
Members of the Security Council should support the Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Syria Geir Pedersen to engage parties and broker a peaceful resolution of the security situation in Idlib to avert further bloodshed and urge all parties to return to the table to negotiate a political settlement to the conflict.

We also urge leaders from the Istanbul Summit between France, Germany, Russia and Turkey, to uphold their commitment to maintain the ceasefire in Idlib.


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  42. Violet Organization
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