October 2017

Dear Friends,

October marked a busy month at UOSSM Canada, we continued to spread our vision across the country and raised awareness about pressing Syrian issues. Here is a snapshot of the month:

Situation in Eastern Ghouta Continues to Deteriorate
The medical situation in Ghouta is deteriorating rapidly and two more children died last week from the lack of medicine and malnutrition. 

Maram, a one-year-old girl (pictured to the left), died of kidney failure due to lack of medication. Another baby, Mutasam, has died from malnutrition. 

In total, five infants have died in recent weeks, either from malnutrition or lack of access to medical care and medication.
Eastern Ghouta, besieged by the Syrian regime since 2013, is restricted from humanitarian aid and the first victims of these restrictions are children. In this zone,  people have stopped counting the number of deaths associated with malnutrition. An old Syrian saying goes, "No one is starving in Syria", unfortunately, the sad reality of the country today is that they are. 
UOSSM, which supports the intensive care unit of the Duma hospital, as well as several other humanitarian organizations on the ground, are doing everything possible to face these medical shortages but these efforts are insufficient in the face of the ever-increasing number of victims that require daily treatments and health care. We are facing a massive humanitarian crisis that is getting worse and worse. 
Ghouta Medical Fact Sheet:
  • 252 people are currently in critical condition and require immediate medical intervention outside Ghouta. 
  • Since the beginning of the conflict, 50,000 people have been injured, 5,000 of whom will be left behind for life and another 18,000 killed. 
  • 40 health centers and several hospitals are completely destroyed. 
  • There is a shortage of vaccines for tuberculosis, measles and other basic vaccines.
  • 25% of children are not vaccinated against measles, a highly contagious disease. 
  • Staff and medical equipment are too few: the region is desperately short of paramedic and tools of anesthesia and surgery. 
You're Invited to the 4th Annual General Meeting
Don't miss our 4th Annual General Meeting. Joining us are speakers who are pioneering a future for Syria, such as the Engineer Talaal A. Kanaan who helped spearhead the Syria Solar project.

Please join us for an afternoon lunch at the beautiful Boulevard Club (1491 Lakeshore Blvd West, Toronto ON) on Sunday, December 17th from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. A complimentary lunch will be served at 1:00 pm. Free parking is included and we encourage you to bring a +1. 

RSVP Now, tickets are going quickly!

UOSSM Heads to Bangladesh 
Since August 2017, approximately 600,000 Rohingya women, men, and children have fled to Bangladesh to flee the violence in Myanmar, forming the largest concentration of refugees in the world. Given the scale of the humanitarian and health disaster affecting the country, the UOSSM doctors are mobilizing for an exceptional mission to Cox Bazar, from November 18 to 22, to treat and operate refugee populations deprived of access to care .
Making a Visit to Halifax 
On October 7th, UOSSM Canada held it's very first Halifax Chapter Meeting. We were joined by incredible members of the health and NGO community who are dedicated to the Syria cause. If you are located in the greater Halifax area and would like to get involved please reply to this email, and we can connect you with our Halifax team. 
Innovative Solutions & Training Doctors

Healing wounds associated with conflict-related trauma can often be dangerous. Typical wound dressing methods take long periods to heal and lead to higher risks of infection. 

UOSSM Canada recently trained a group of doctors in Turkey on a new and innovative system known as Vaccum Assisted Wound Dressing ( VAC) to help provide a more efficient solution.  

UOSSM continues to invest in healthcare solutions that build the capacity of local staff and provide nondiscriminatory treatment to civilians. 


We're Almost There ! #DoctorsInDanger
Our petition to end the targeting of hospitals and medics in Syria is doing well. In total 158,017 Canadians have signed, however, we have yet to reach our goal of  200,000. Let's make it happen!

If you haven't signed yet please do so, and if you have spread the message with #DoctorsInDanger. Share the petition link below on all your social media channels, and let's end this crime against humanity. 

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