Mental Health

We support the well-being of Syrian refugees and internally displaced people with mental health and psychotherapy services, and equip our staff and healthcare providers with tools to deal with difficult work environments
UOSSM launched its first Mental Health & Psycho-Social Support center, in late 2013, in Reyhanli, Turkey. Currently, UOSSM operates and supervises several Mental Health and Psychotherapy (MH-PSS) centers in Syria, Turkey, and Lebanon, providing psychotherapy, counseling, special education for children, female counseling, outreach programs to schools and families, training, surveys, and social screening. UOSSM provides mental health and psychosocial support services to all who directly request or need services including, schools, refugee camps, service providers, care centers and post operative centers. 128,000 benefitted from services throughout the centers. 
Mental health care is a crucial aspect of health care.
The MHPSS has one major center in Qah along with five sub clinics within primary health care centers, and two mobile clinics. The following services are offered:
  • Treatment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Special Education
  • Evaluation/Assesment
  • Training
  • Follow-up
  • Statistics 
  • Psychosocial Support
Over 128,000 have benefitted from services in Syria and Turkey. UOSSM provides Tele-psychiatry services in coordination with Yale University, which allows UOSSM team to discuss every single case with specialists, wherever it is.
Primary cases are Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Bipolar Disorder (BPD). In Lebanon, Nocturnal Dysuria (i.e., bed wetting) accounts for almost 50% of cases in Syrian Children refugees.

Gender-Based Violence (GBV):

UOSSM’s Mental Health Division (MHD) is seeking funding to establish a specialized program in Reyhanli, Turkey, to provide comprehensive psychological and social support services to female survivors of GBV, to improve their quality of life and integration into society.



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