May 2019

Breaking: 25 medical facilities destroyed and 55 medical facilities evacuated in Idlib. Act4Idlib

Displaced and Injured Civilians Seek Urgent Care at UOSSM's Facilities

Since late April, over 3.5 million civilians living in northwestern Syria have experienced a heavy bombardment campaign, forcing more than 300,000 out of their homes. The systematic targeting of medical facilities has crippled the already fragile health care system. Since April 27, 25 medical facilities have been destroyed and 55 medical facilities have been evacuated and suspended operations for fear of bombing.

UOSSM has responded by operating five mobile clinics starting Saturday 18 May 2019 in Jisr Al-Shughour, Sarakab, Ma'arrat Misrin, Al-dana and Qarqania respectively. These clinics were able to provide services to 894 beneficiaries during the first three days of their delivery through the provision of general medical services to 502 people and the provision of community nutrition and health services to 392.

In addition to meeting emergency medical needs, mobile psychiatric clinics from Sarmada hospital operated in Meeznaz camp in Maarat Al Akhwan, providing psychological first aid and psychosocial support services. Community health teams of the Deir Hassan Center also provided counseling to newly displaced families in areas close to the center.

UOSSM-Canada Advocates for Cessation of Violence in Northwestern Syria

UOSSM-Canada has been actively speaking with Members of Parliament and the Prime Minister of Canada to condemn the surge of violence in Idlib with UOSSM's Board Member, Dr. Reem Alsabbagh, and Communications Director, Avi D'Souza, playing a pivotal role. The social media campaign "Act4Idlib" paired with regular updates from the ground also served to raise awareness among the international community about the urgent situation. The advocacy efforts led to the release of a statement by the Canadian government.

UOSSM-Canada Hosted an Iftar Dinner, "Sharing Untold Stories"

UOSSM-Canada hosted an iftar dinner for those observing Ramadan on May 19th. Several humanitarians spoke during the event, including Dr. Jamal Kaby Koly, Murad Al-Hubaishi, Shaukat Hussain and Dr. Anas Al Kassem, to share stories from the field of medical relief for the victims of conflict in Syria, Bangladesh, Yemen and Jordan. The event featured Hosam Helal, a prominent instructor and director at social service organizations across the GTHA.

UOSSM Signs Agreement Supporting Early Childhood Activities in Northern Syria

UOSSM signed an agreement in May for a project to support early childhood activities. The project will last for five months in northern Syria, and aims to support child development and counteract the influence of adverse circumstances.

Doctors Working for UOSSM in Syria Provide Medical Advice in Ramadan

Doctors working for UOSSM in Syria offered medical advice on maintaining health and well-being throughout the month of Ramadan by creating an online video series in Arabic. The objective of the series was to help those observing Ramadan to stay healthy and strong throughout the month.

UOSSM Maps Medical Needs and Plans for Operations in Yemen 

UOSSM is newly registered by the government of Yemen and has begun planning to mobilize staffing and establish the required resources in Aden. The plan to strengthen health infrastructure in the region will center on providing prosthetics for amputees, medical training for hospital staff, and child protection and nutrition support.

Did you know?

Since 2012, UOSSM has been providing emergency medical relief and healthcare services to the Syrian people affected by the crisis, working primarily inside Syria and with Syrian refugees in Turkey.


  • In 2018, UOSSM supported 16 primary health care centers and 13 mobile clinics
  • Bab Al Hawa Hospital has provided health care services to almost 1 million patients since its establishment
  • In 2018, over 162,000 beneficiaries were provided with nutrition services focused on women and children
  • UOSSM Mental Health and Psychosocial Support provided care to 14,140 beneficiaries in 2018


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