May 2018

UOSSM-Canada Advocates for Humanitarian Response to Rohingya Crisis

UOSSM-Canada has been working tirelessly to advocate for a humanitarian reponse to the plight of the Rohingya:
  • Last month, Board Member Dr. Aliya Khan and Communications Director Averard D'Souza met with five Members of Parliament in Ottawa.
  • Under Dr. Khan's leadership, a petition to the Government of Canada was released. Community members are encouraged to sign our online petition
  • UOSSM-Canada hosted a press conference on May 18th, attended by major news outlets, including the CBC, Globe and Mail, and CTV. 

UOSSM-Canada at Forefront in Condemning Medical Crisis in Gaza
UOSSM-Canada released a statement and call to action for Members of Parliament in the wake of 62 civilian deaths and 2700 injured in Gaza as of May 16th. UOSSM-Canada called for the Canadian government to condemn the brutality against civilians in a region with limited healthcare resources.

UOSSM-Canada and UOSSM-Germany to Conduct Primary Research 
UOSSM-Canada and UOSSM-Germany have partnered to understand the gender dynamics  and perception of women's employment within four districts of Syria by conducting a series of focus group discussions and surveys.

UOSSM-Canada Hosts Donor Appreciation Dinner and Launches New Mobile Dental Clinic for the Rohingya

On Friday, June 1st, UOSSM-Canada hosted a Donor Appreciation Dinner, Evening of Tribute, which was attended by over 70 supporters, health professionals, and representatives from various partner organizations. During the event, Board Members discussed ongoing projects for the provision of medical relief to Syrians and Rohingya. The keynote speaker was Gastroentrologist, Dr. Mohsina, delivering a moving account of her experience providing medical aid to the Rohingya. The event also celebrated the launch of a mobile dental clinic to reach the most vulnerable in Cox Bazar, spearheaded by ICNA Relief and UOSSM-Canada Chairman, Dr. Hussam Al-Fakir.

UOSSM participates in International Refugee Congress
UOSSM participated in the International Refugee Congress in Istanbul on May 10, which focused on considering refugee and host community perspectives in program planning and policy-making decisions. The Congress addressed how communities can:

  • Enable people to access the asylum process and their legal rights
  • Support people to access basic services
  • Develop sustainable and durable policy and program options
  • Address challenges faced by female refugees
  • Ensure that refugees and host communities are able to participate in making decisions which affect their lives.
UOSSM Provides Mental Health Support Sessions and Protection Services in Southern Syria
UOSSM’s Psychosocial Support Program in southern Syria has begun offering training sessions on communication and listening skills, and interpersonal relationships via psychosocial support sessions.

The goal of these sessions is to strengthen psychosocial well-being and provide risk protection. The sessions also enable vulnerable individuals to access specialty protection services, as well as positive specialty education, awareness services, and skill training among other services in Daraa. 
UOSSM Receives Shipment of Medicines and Medical Consumables for Daraa
A shipment of donated medicines and medical consumables arrived in Daraa, which would assist the UOSSM Primary Health Care Center to continue its operations and objective to lower disease rates and the incidence of preventable deaths.       

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