March 2018

UOSSM-Canada Newsletter - March 2018

UOSSM-Canada Newsletter - March 2018

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UOSSM-Canada Partners to Raise Awareness

In collaboration with the ELM Youth Foundation, UOSSM-Canada co-hosted a special presentation for the Waterloo community on March 24th to raise awareness about the plight in Ghouta. Dr. Hussam Alfakir, the Chairman of UOSSM-Canada, delivered the presentation, describing the current situation in Syria and providing anecdotes from UOSSM aid workers on the ground. The event culminated in over $40,000 of donations that will be sent to Ghouta in support of medical relief. UOSSM-Canada warmly thanks ELM Youth Foundation for their generous support. UOSSM-Canada continues to build strategic partnerships with various organizations, including student-advocacy group, Canadians for Safe Syrian Healthcare, to engage diverse community members.

Arrival of Medical Shipment from Canada to Turkey
The Canadian Syrian Association and UOSSM-Canada worked collaboratively to send a medical shipment from Calgary to UOSSM-Turkey, containing 550 boxes of medical supplies and consumables and 150 winter blankets. The shipment arrived in Turkey last Wednesday, March 28 for distribution to field hospitals and public health centres throughout Syria. 

Forced Displacement of People of Eastern Ghouta After Five Years of Siege and Fierce Bombardment
Eastern Ghouta has been under siege for over five years and subject to a fierce bombardment since February 18. A forced displacement began on March 23, for the people of besieged Eastern Ghouta. The evacuation lasted for several days. UOSSM was among several NGOs assisting the people in the process. UOSSM set up mobile clinics and provided primary health care, mental health care, and protection services to thousands of people. Many of the displaced people were children, ill, or wounded.


UOSSM Primary Health Care Center and Office Targeted by Airstrikes in Ghouta
UOSSM’s Primary Health Care Center was attacked in Misraba, Ghouta. On the same day, March 8,  UOSSM's office in Hammouria was also attacked in a campaign targeting hospitals and civilian buildings in Ghouta. There were no casualties due to prior closure of all medical facilities in the area. Most people in the area were displaced to other areas in Ghouta.

UOSSM Holds Press Conference in Geneva About Deadly Situation in Eastern Ghouta
UOSSM coordinated with The United Nations Correspondents Association (ACANU) in Geneva to hold a press conference about the deadly situation in Eastern Ghouta. The main objective was to raise awareness  about the deadly bombardment causing mass causalities and injuries to civilians.

Dr. Ghanem Tayara, chair of UOSSM, and Dr. Tawfik Chamaa, spokesman for UOSSM, participated in the conference and called on the international community to immediately put a stop to the violence, and to open secure humanitarian corridors enabling the receipt of urgently needed food and medical supplies and transmission of critical medical cases for treatment. UOSSM representatives also called for UN monitors to enter Ghouta to ensure that the ceasefire is enforced and aid is provided to civilians. Over 15 news agencies attended the conference. 

Launching Local Health Committees and Strengthen Community Partnership in Syria
A meeting was held On March 19, 2018, in UOSSM’s center in Sarmada to launch local health committees to strengthen community partnership and empower local health authorities.

The meeting was attended by representatives of health directorates, representatives of provincial councils, local health committees, and some partner organizations, as well as representatives of UOSSM


New Primary Health Care Center Launched in Southern Syria
UOSSM opened a new primary health care center in Daraa in southern Syria. UOSSM strives to provide health care services to as many areas as possible throughout Syria through the establishment of health care centers. The PHC provided services to over 2400 in its first month of operation. Services include general health care, pediatric health care, internal health care, geriatric health care, and gynecological services.


UOSSM’s Bab Al Hawa Hospital Performs Life-Saving Chest Trauma Surgery
A 19-year-old young man’s life was saved in UOSSM’s Bab Al Hawa Hospital after doctors performed a chest trauma surgery on him. The young man was wounded by a gunshot that pierced his chest and settled in the blood vessels. The doctors conducted a surgery to remove the shrapnel from his chest and saved the young man’s life. Doctors expect him to make a full recovery soon. 

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