One Story of a Malnourished Child


Hanan has already been through so much at the tender age of 2...she has felt the pains of war since she was born. She knows what it feels like to travel for a whole month just to find a safe shelter to live...the struggle is real, and her pain is real. Her tiny body was neglected as she was forced to endure the kind of suffering no child should ever have to experience.

UOSSM's Psychosocial Support team visited and examined Hanan which showed that the sweet baby was suffering from extreme malnutrition. 
She was immediately admitted to UOSSM's Primary Health Care Center in Jisr Al-Shaghoor.


Hanan has been under UOSSM's care and we are happy to report that she has gained some weight and the level of malnutrition has decreased.


This is one of thousands of untold stories of the children of Syria, these children have paid the ultimate price for the brutal war. Please don't forget their is what keeps us going, remembering how much work there is to be done, and how many people need our help. We can do this! Because together, we are saving lives and building hope. 

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