June 2018

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Breaking: Three UOSSM Staff Killed in Attacks in Daraa

Three UOSSM staff were killed in attacks in Daraa this month. Most recently, UOSSM warehouse-worker, Yusuf Ayyash, was killed by an airstrike on 27th June along with his wife and daughter. A few days earlier, UOSSM volunteer ambulance driver, Abdulhadi Al-Hariri, was killed on 25 June at 1 p.m. Damascus time in a targeted “double tap” attack as first responders were headed to evacuate wounded victims of an attack in Busr Al-Harir, Daraa. Prior to this, UOSSM midwife Maysoon Harbat and her daughter were killed in an attack on June 21st. This coincides with a massive escalation of violence in rural Daraa, which has come under fierce bombardment since June 19. 

UOSSM-Canada has expanded its efforts to provide medical relief to vulnerable populations through the operation of mobile clinics.

UOSSM-Canada currently has two international medical relief project proposals for mobile clinics that are in the planning and fundraising phase: (1) Dental mobile clinic for the Rohingya, aiming to treat 18,000 people over the course of one year, and (2) Four mobile health clinics in Idlib and Aleppo governorates,aiming to provide 58,000 services over a period of 4 months.

UOSSM-Canada is planning a psyechoeducation workshop, aimed at training people working with refugees

Supported by the Muslim Medical Association of Canada and funded by the University of Toronto, a trauma first aid workshop will be delivered by UOSSM-Canada’s trauma specialist, Dr. Samer Aldandashi, who has extensive experience administering psychiatric care to refugees and Syrian victims of war. The workshop aims to educate nonmedical staff working with Syrian refugees in Canada. The workshop will be held on August 11th; additional details will be shared shortly.

UOSSM Primary Health Care Center Attacked in Daraa 

On June 24 at 5 p.m. Damascus time, the UOSSM Busr Al-Harir primary health care center in Daraa was hit by a direct airstrike that caused severe damage. The facility has been previously evacuated and there were no casualties. The center served approximately 5,000 patients per month. In addition, three primary health care centers in Daraa were shut down except for bandaging services to help with emergency cases resulting from continuous shelling in the area. UOSSM also provided a mobile clinic in areas of internally displaced persons in Daraa.

UOSSM Signs Protocol Agreement with Hatay Health Directorate in Turkey 

UOSSM signed a protocol agreement with Hatay Health Directorate to operate medical projects, including a referral system and primary health care services in northern Aleppo, Syria and Killes, Turkey.

UOSSM Provides Security Awareness and Contingency Plan Training to Humanitarian Workers in Syria

UOSSM delivered a training course, entitled “How to Prepare Contingency Plans and Emergency Awareness During Crisis” for humanitarian and relief workers on the ground. The training lasted for two days at the Capacity Building Center in Northern Syria.

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