July 2018

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2017 In Review: UOSSM Releases Annual Report 
On July 28, UOSSM released the 2017 Annual Report. The report shows all medical and health care services provided in 2017 by UOSSM to beneficiaries, with the support of partners and donors. You can access the full report here.  

UOSSM-Canada Launches New Trauma Response Training 
UOSSM-Canada is hosting a free, practical training workshop on addressing refugee psychological distress with cultural competency on August 11th, 2018 at the Islamic Centre of Canada. This workshop is recommended for anyone working directly with refugees and may be of particular benefit to settlement workers, sponsors, student groups, social workers, and teachers. 

UOSSM-Canada Updates on Mobile Clinics in Aleppo & Idlib
UOSSM has erected four mobile clinics that serve individuals in Northern Syria. The clinics offered many services such as primary health care, support for patients of malnutrition, advocacy for community health and mental health support services. Almost three quarters of all medical consultations conducted by the mobile clinics were related to gynaecological and obstetrics services. 

UOSSM Canada Launches Dental Mobile Clinic Initiative in Cox's Bazar
In partnership with ICNA Relief, UOSSM-Canada officially launched the free dental mobile clinic to serve Rohingya refugee populations in the Cox's Bazar. The project intends to provide mobile dental health care services in the Rohingya camps where access to basic dental services is lacking, to ensure curative dental health care, to educate and build dental health awareness, and to integrate patients into existing social services and health care systems through referrals.

UOSSM-Canada donated $40,000.00 to fund the project. Working on-site, UOSSM-Canada doctors and dentists will play an integral role in the training and recruiting of staff. 

UOSSM Responds to Internally Displaced Crisis in Southern Syria 
UOSSM responded to the forced displacement of approximately 9426 people from southern Syria with four ambulances and three mobile clinics. The mobile clinics were fully equipped with nutrition services and 10 community health workers. Approximately 842 children were treated for acute to severe malnutrition, 595 pregnancy or nursing women were provided.  The forced displacement  of 9426 residents of southern Syria began on July 15 and lasted for six days. 

UOSSM Begins Providing Mental Health Services in Kilis and Istanbul 
UOSSM began providing mental health care services and special needs services to Syrian refugees in Kilis and Istanbul.  

UOSSM Team Participates in Syrian American Council and MedGlobal Humanitarian Mission 
UOSSM participated in the Syrian American Council (SAC) and MedGlobal humanitarian mission. The mission took place in Jordan and on the Jordanian border where SAC, MedGlobal and UOSSM staff provided aid to refugees and those internally displaced by the war in Syria. 

Syrian British Doctors Provide Training Course 
Dr. David Nott, along with a group of Syrian and British doctors, offered the training course, "Hostile Environment Surgical Training HEST" in Gazianstep. 
The objective of the training session was to train 16 surgeons, specialized in different fields, from inside Syria, with the primary emergency management of those wouded by war and natural disasters. The session was sponsored by UOSSM, Syria Relief, and SBMS, and was coordinated by Midmar for Training. 
Meet Hanine and Farah!
Hanine and Farah are two beautiful sisters who were the victims of an airstike in Idlib, Syria. Here is the story of how UOSSM doctors on a medical mission to Idlib helped Farah and Hanine walk again. #ATaleofTwoSisters
Read more about their story here: http://www.uossm-canada.org/

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