JULY 2017

Dear Friends,

Summer is in full swing and UOSSM Canada has a lot of exciting news to share! We recently celebrated Canada's momentous 150th birthday. Canada150 was a celebration of our history and heritage, for UOSSM it meant honoring Canada's legacy of humanitarianism. We also celebrated the beginning of Ramadan with a free community
iftaar, helping launch our Syria Solar Initiative. To learn more, read below.

Light the Night Community Iftaar: Introducing Syria Solar 

On July 11th, UOSSM Canada introduced our Syria Solar initiative with a beautiful dinner at Payal Banquet Hall. We were joined by speakers such as Dr. Ali Albarghouthi and Dr. Reem Alsabbagh who shared with us their reflections on Ramadan and the Syrian crisis. Dr. Anas Al Kassem introduced the Syria Solar Initiative which helps bring free electricity to hospitals in Syria. To see more photos from this incredible event visit our Facebook page. 
Learn more about Syria Solar
UOSSM Supports Dental Care Services in the Northern Syria
In order to provide and improve the dental care service, UOSSM has launched five mobile dental clinics in cooperation with Mercy without Borders for six months in northern Syria
UOSSM Works with WHO to Provide Special Emergency Management Training in Bab Al-Hawa
In order to enable paramedics to deal with chemical strike injuries, UOSSM’s Training Department presented a series of courses called “Emergency Management of Chemical Strikes” in cooperation with WHO. One hundred and twenty (120) trainees of civil defense teams, forensic medicine, and hospital staff attended these courses within 12 days at UOSSM Bab Al Hawa Training Center.
The courses primarily focused on the response to chemical strikes, the concept of operations, personal protection, decontamination, medical treatment, and building a response plan, in addition to, experimental exercises.
Meeting with German Parliment: Enabling Syrian Health Directorates and Rebuilding Health System in Syria
As part of the efforts to rebuild the health system in Syria, a delegation from UOSSM, SAMS and the Syrian Health Departments, headed by Dr. Munther Khalil, Idlib Health Director, made an official visit to the German Chancellor's Office, the German Parliament, the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of International Cooperation, the International Cooperation Foundation and a number of German organizations interested in the Syrian affairs in general and the health situation in particular.
The Delegation provided an integrated vision to enable the health directorates and rebuild the health system uniformly in all areas under the control of the Syrian opposition. The German representatives emphasized their continued support of the Syrian health sector, fostering the health sector governance and institution-building efforts.
UOSSM Launches Two Mobile Clinics in Aleppo and Idlib 
In June and in order to provide access to healthcare services in rural and remote areas, where Syrian civilians have no or little access to basic health services, UOSSM has launched two mobile clinics in Harim and Areha countryside for 7 months.

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