July 2016

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Thank you to our subscribers and supporters for your keen interest in our organization. UOSSM's dedicated staff members in Canada and abroad are working hard to make a difference in the lives of Syrians inside Syria and in neighbouring countries, and to provide the medical support that is so desperately needed. Together, we can save lives and build hope.
Member of Parliament Recognizes UOSSM Canada's Humanitarian Work
UOSSM Canada was honoured to receive a congratulatory certificate from Iqra Khalid, Member of Parliament for Mississauga - Erin Mills, for our commitment to providing medical relief to those affected by the Syrian crisis. The certificate was presented at our Oakville event on June 4th. The event was part of UOSSM Canada's national tour with renowned trauma and war surgeon Dr. David Nott, and aimed to raise awareness about the medical crisis in Syria.
UOSSM Canada would also like to thank Omar Alghabra, Member of Parliament for Mississauga Centre, John Oliver, Member of Parliament for Oakville, and Pam Damoff, Member of Parliament for Oakville North-Burlington for attending our dinner and supporting our initiative. 
Hospitals in Syria Continue to be Targeted by Airstrikes, which Reduces Vital Healthcare Services
UOSSM Canada issued a press release on July 11th regarding the destruction of Al Shefaa Hospital in the Idlib province by airstrikes, which killed three people. The hospital provided services to a large number of people in the area, including internally displaced peoples (IDPs). 
UOSSM Canada aims to raise awareness about the constant bombardment of medical facilities and staff in Syria which violates UN Security Council resolutions and international humanitarian law. The targeting of doctors and hospitals further jeopardizes the lives of Syrians and decreases their access to vital healthcare. Help us petition Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to protect health facilities and workers in Syria. Sign the Petition

UOSSM Signs Strategic Partnership Agreement with Turkish Red Crescent Organization
​​In June, UOSSM International signed a strategic partnership agreement with the Turkish Red Crescent Organization in Ankara, Turkey. UOSSM International was represented by Dr. Monzer Yazaji, President of UOSSM USA, and Dr. Bader Al Deen Bahro. The agreement discussed the establishment of health facilities in Turkey in addition to other initiatives which would facilitate the medical relief efforts of UOSSM in Syria. 
The Canadian and Australian Branches of Islamic Relief Partner with UOSSM to Provide Hospitals in Syria with Medicine
Islamic Relief Canada provided a total of $320,638, which allowed UOSSM to support 17 medical facilities in Syria with medicines and other consumables for 4 months. Islamic Relief Australia provided $123,565, which was used for emergency medicines distributed to 10 hospitals and medical points in Eastern Ghouta for one month. UOSSM International and Islamic Relief aim to reduce illnesses and mortalities by providing medical services to hard-to-reach and besieged areas.
All five departments of UOSSM - Training, Primary Health Care, Mental and Psycho Social Support, Medical Training and Qualification, and Research - along with mobile clinics work hard at providing services throughout Syria to those who need it most. 

Bab Al-Hawa Hospital
Bab Al-Hawa Hospital is one of UOSSM's major initiatives, offering a broad range of specialty, medical and surgical services including general, thoracic, vascular, orthopedic, neurological, urological, opthalmic, maxillofacial, E.N.T., and pediatric surgeries. By the end of May, 31,243 patients had received care in the many departments of BHH; among them, 6,987 patients received care in outpatient clinics, 2,259 received emergency medical care, and 215 emergency surgeries were performed. 

At Bab Al-Hawa, UOSSM also launched a new project directed at empowering health directorates in Syria. The first meeting was attended by Hama’s Health Director as well as representatives from the Health Directorates of Idlib, Aleppo, and the coast. The project aims to increase the efficiency and organization of medical facilities in these four regions in Syria, and consists of 4 training sessions per month: Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Information Management, and Human Resource Management.

Medical Training and Qualification Centre 
The  UOSSM Medical Training and Qualification Center in Bab Al-Hawa offered and hosted several training courses in June:

UOSSM's CEO Dr. Zaidoun al Zoabi, offering the training course, "Protection and Mainstreaming Social Cohesion," to 43 trainees in UOSSM's Medical Training and Qualification Center in Bab Al-Hawa.

This Gender Based Violence course was offered to 30 trainees over a course of 10 days in the Syrian Medical Center.

UOSSM's Medical Training and Qualification Center in Bab Al-Hawa offering the course, " Financial Operations in Non-Governmental Organizations," to 43 trainees.

The training course "Fundraising Management" was offered to 15 trainees on June 22-24 in Gaziantiep and was offered  again in Istanbul on June 27-29.

Ma'arat Al-Nou'man Mental Health Psycho Social Support Centre (MHPSS)
In Ma'arat al-Nou'man, the UOSSM project, "Re-Enablement of Syrian Children With Special Needs" aimed at supporting children's mental health, was established for children with special needs. This initiative takes place at various UOSSM-supported centers and various schools.The pictures show some of the activities children participate in the Ma'arat al Nou'man MHPSS Center.


Qah Mental Health and Psycho Social Support Centre (MHPSS)
Many children also receive mental support from the project, "Re-enablement of Syrian Children with Special Needs" in the Qah MHPSS Center. 


Mobile Clinics 
UOSSM's mobile clinics continue to provide support to people in many areas throughout Syria, including hard-to-reach areas. A total of five mobile clinics have been deployed between the Jisr Al-Shaghoor and Idlib suburbs. Each clinic consists of a doctor, nutritionist, midwife, nurse and driver.

Primary Health Care Centres (PHC's)
UOSSM's nine PHC's continue to provide medical health care services throughout Syria. 

Since 2012, UOSSM has been providing emergency medical relief and healthcare services to the Syrian people affected by the crisis, working primarily inside Syria and with Syrian refugees in Turkey.

  • FULLY operates Bab Al-Hawa Hospital; Major Referral hospital in Northern Syria / serves 14,000+ patients and conducts 1,300+ surgeries per month
  • Partially supports 120 hospitals and 200 medical points with $13M in medications and consumables sufficient to operate 130,000 surgeries
  • Treated 825,000+ patients at our 9 primary health care centers and 9 mobile clinics with over 1,000,000 consultations
  • Delivered 2,872+ newborns at the Burnas Maternity Hospital and other UOSSM specialized maternity centers
  • Benefitted 128,000+ people with our mental health care and psycho-social support centers
  • Trained and qualified 9,000+ medical staff at BHH and other UOSSM training centers

Syria Conflict: Rebels launch attack in divided Aleppo - BBC News  




Operates 16 Field Hospitals
Serves 50,000 patients monthly



Support 120 Hospitals/ 200 medical points
Serves 20,000 patients monthly



Trained 7,100 students in emergency medicine



2,500 patients served

* Every $1 purchases $10 worth of medicines. 

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