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Doctors In Danger

Take Action To Stop The Targeting Of Hospitals And Medical Staff In Syria!

The war in Syria is the biggest humanitarian disaster since World War II. Since the beginning of the conflict, the medical situation has continued to deteriorate. Healthcare workers are systematically being targeted in this terrible war. This is in direct defiance of United Nations Resolutions and International Humanitarian Law. 732 medical staff have been killed in Syria since the beginning of the conflict in 2011.

"To Kill A Healthcare Worker Is To Kill Humanity"

Our duty at UOSSM Canada is to revolt against what is unacceptable; to kill doctors, nurses, and midwives. This has been happening for 7 years now and it must be STOPPED. Attacks on hospitals and medical staff are war crimes and perpetrators must be held accountable.  

According to the UOSSM Syrian Hospitals Report, all 107 hospitals in Aleppo, Idleb, Latakia, Hama, Daraa, Quneitra and Homs were attacked at least once by a direct or indirect air strike in 2016. Some were targeted up to 25 times with an average of three attacks per hospital.



Dr. Ali Darwish, killed by poison gas on March 26, 2017, while he was operating on a patient in Latamneh hospital. The hospital was targeted by a chlorine gas attack and he did not want to leave the operating room until the surgery was completed on the patient. He was asphyxiated and finally died en route to another hospital. With Dr. Darwish gone, an entire population was left without access to medical care during wartime, when it was needed most.

It's stories like Dr. Ali Darwish's that directly go against the international humanitarian law, which codifies the laws of war and prohibits attacks on health institutions and medical staff. In the name of international humanitarian law and as a humanitarian doctor,  I solemnly ask for:

1. The effective implementation of a resolution 2286 (2016), which prohibits attacks against medical facilities. That the government makes every possible effort to prevent these attacks and holds perpetrators accountable for war crimes. 

2. The immediate opening of a safe, impartial humanitarian corridor for NGOs to deliver essential assistance to healthcare workers and care for neglected populations.

Resolution 2286 (2016):

This is why UOSSM has begun an advocacy campaign #DoctorsInDanger, to petition for the end of systematic attacks against health facilities and workers. PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION NOW!
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