thallasemiagirlbhh.jpgThere are always those unfortunate ones struck with disease. The problem is when treatment and medication are scarce and very difficult to find. This is yet another problem children in war torn Syria are experiencing.

This young child  has thalassemia along with 155 other children diagnosed at Bab al Hawa Hospital. That number is continuing to rise. Thalassemia is an inherited, rare blood disorder that is more prominent in the middle east where the body does not produce enough of the protein hemoglobin.

Children that have this disease experience fatigue, weakness, paleness and slow growth.

With normal care and treatment people can live normal lives with the disease. That is not the case in Syria, the only treatment that doctors at Bab al Hawa Hospital can provide is blood transfusions, 1-2 bags. The conventional treatment is to inject Desferal intravenously but that medication is very difficult to obtain and very expensive and has yet to be provided through any of the relief organizations in Syria.

UOSSM will do it’s best to help obtain and provide medication and treatment for this disease and all other illnesses children are suffering in Syria.


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