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UOSSM Canada News:

Dr. Al Kassem & Dr. Al Fakir Meet With Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

UOSSM - Canada Has 3rd Annual Meeting In Oakville
We would like to thank all of our supporters who attended our annual meeting including; Omar Alghabra MP, Iqra Khalid MP, John Oliver MP, Sven Spengemann MP along with representatives from; MSF, World Vision, Islamic Relief, SAMS, Not Just Tourists and a video presentation from the WHO. 

Videos of Speakers:
UOSSM Canada in the News:
UOSSM International News:

ALEPPO EMERGENCY APPEAL: $48K IN 48 HOURS- UOSSM launches an emergency funding appeal for the evacuation of Aleppo. UOSSM  operated 26 vehicles as part of a 128 vehicle NGO convoy in the Aleppo evacuation. 18 UOSSM vehicles were equipped for critical medical cases and 8 vehicles for minor medical cases. UOSSM had 195 staff and volunteers (120 staff/ 75 volunteers) assisting the evacuation and receiving the displaced in mobile clinics. The workers/ volunteers were comprised of: paramedics, drivers, logistics, administrative workers, and psychological care workers. 

The evacuations are ongoing with over 7,000 civilians evacuated. After waiting for almost two days a convoy of five buses finally reached the evacuation meeting point late Sunday night, after being held at a checkpoint for almost nine hours. There were over 300 evacuees including many women and children. UOSSM Safety and Security Director, Dr. Ahmad Dbis, spoke with several children who said, while at the checkpoint, in the extreme cold, they did not have any food, water, blankets, and were not even allowed to leave the buses to use the restroom; child protection teams have been following up with children and their families once settled. 

UOSSM Meets With The President Of France, Francois Hollande

Syrie : au côté des ONG, Hollande lance un ultimatum humanitaire
Targeting UOSSM Primary Health Care Center

November 8, 2016- A UOSSM Primary Health Care Center in the Homs suburbs was shelled yesterday, killing three patients, critically wounding two others and heavily damaging the structure. The PHC began operating in June 2014 and provides services to approximately 6000-7000 patients a month with 23% of patients under the age of five years old. The center consists of a birthing center, a pharmacy, a laboratory, and five clinics; an Ob/Gynecological, a pediatric, internal medicine and two family practice clinics. 

UOSSM Training Week for Local Organizations in Turkey

On November 15-16, UOSSM organized, “UOSSM Training Week” a week-long event in Gaziantep. A total of six training courses with 170 total hours of training were offered to 70 Civil Society Organizations including, Fundraising Management, Flexible Skills, Differentiation between PHC and General Health Care in Humanitarian Organizations, Database Management, Leadership, Capacity Evaluation of Civil Society Organizations. There was a total of 176 trainees from Syria and Turkey

UOSSM Signs Agreement to Conduct a Special Training Course: "Women's Surgery in Times of War" in Istanbul.

UOSSM’s Medical Training and Qualification Center announces plans for a training course project, “Women’s Surgery in Times of War,” in partnership with the Turkey Healthcare Directorate and SESRIC organization .The main objective of this course is to qualify Obstetrics/Gynecological doctors, midwives, non-specialized doctors, and professionals in reproductive health care in Syria. The course will take place in Zaynab Kamel Hospital in Istanbul. 

UOSSM Arranges a Seminar about Family Violence Called “From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World”.

UOSSM arranged a Seminar about Family Violence Called “From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World” in observation of the worldwide event to end domestic violence. The seminar was done in UOSSM’s Mental Health and Psycho Social Support Center in Gaziantep on November 25, by mental health specialists.  The seminar shed light on psycho social problems in the community and ways to deal with these problems. Attendees were Syrian refugees and workers in civil society organizations.

UOSSM Launches (Protect the Children) project in Idlib and Aleppo

On November 15, UOSSM launched (Protect the Children) project, supported by UNICEF in Idlib (Atma, Kafrnabl) and rural Aleppo  to enable society to put an end to child abuse by a child protection network that will provide a safe haven for 2800 children and 1000 teenagers. The project will also provide case management of 250 vulnerable children victims of the war, and children associated with armed groups.
The project will also raise awareness among the internally displaced and local community about child protection issues by providing informational sessions. 22,000 people will indirectly benefit from this project over the length of 6 months. 

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