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PRESS RELEASE: Chemical Weapon Attack In Aleppo- 3 Dead, Scores Wounded

Confirmed Chemical Weapon Attack in Aleppo City Leaves Three Dead and Tens Seeking Treatment in Area Hospitals:

Toronto, ON-  It has been confirmed by the public relations office of the Aleppo Health Directorate that there was a chemical agent attack on Az-zibdieh in Aleppo city.

Three are confirmed dead including a woman and her son; and tens of victims are being treated at area hospitals. At least ten of the victims were under 10 years old, twenty five are under 5 years old.

According to clinical signs, choking agents were used, as symptoms are consistent to those of chlorine gas inhalation. The victims were exposed to gas and liquid form of the chemical agent that was dropped from a helicopter in a barrel bomb.

A video has doctors standing over the lifeless body of a young boy, explaining the procedures they attempted to use to save the young boy's life to no avail.

The doctor in the video said, "We did CPR for more than 15 minutes but unfortunately he didn't respond. This boy and his mother  were killed by this attack. We can't do anything to treat this type of patients, most of these patients will die as we are not equipped to treat chemical agents cases."

The usage of chlorine gas is violation of the UNSC Resolution 2118, 2235, 2209 and to the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC).

Dr. Anas Al Kassem, Chairman of UOSSM Canada said, "This attack is a grievous infringement on UNSC Resolution 2118 that prohibit any party to use chemical weapons. This is unacceptable, we call on the international community and the UNSC member states to fulfill their responsibilities to put an immediate end to this type of chemical warfare and to hold all criminals accountable for their actions and complete disregard for international humanitarian laws as UNSC Resolution 2235 indicate.”

Resolution 2209 Article 2:  “Expresses deep concern that toxic chemicals have been used as a weapon in the Syrian Arab Republic as concluded with a high degree of confidence by the

OPCW Fact-Finding Mission and notes that such use of toxic chemicals as a weapon would constitute a violation of resolution 2118 and of the Chemical Weapons Convention" –


UOSSM’s Local Coordinator for Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Task Force (CBRN-TF) expert Dr. Houssam Alnahhas in Turkey  is available for interviews.

+905395564572 (Turkey)/


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Dr. Anas Al Kassem, Chairman of UOSSM Canada and Simcoe Surgeon is available for interviews, please contact:

Avi D’Souza
Global Director of Communications, UOSSM Intl.
Phone: 647.528.5029






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