On May 15 at 2 pm Damascus time, the Tarmala Maternity and Children’s Hospital in South Idlib, Syria was hit by an airstrike and completely destroyed.  Due to heavy targeting of medical facilities in the region, the hospital was evacuated ahead of time. No injuries or casualties were reported. This marks the 19th medical facility bombed in 20 days. The hospital housed many incubators in addition to a dialysis department. The hospital served approximately 6,000 beneficiaries monthly, and its loss is catastrophic for an already crippled medical infrastructure.

“Targeting a children’s hospitals is beyond vile and sadistic.  We are lucky that no children were killed in this attack, however, losing this facility will lead to great suffering. The medical system in Idlib is already significantly over capacity, leading to long wait times and refused service. Where will women give birth or patients receive dialysis? Patients are avoiding hospitals because they know they will be bombed. Staff are terrified to go into work. Attacks on medical facilities are a clear war crime and perpetrators must be held accountable.” Said Dr. Hussam Al Fakir, Chairman of UOSSM International.

In the strongest terms, UOSSM condemns the attacks on civilians and medical facilities. UOSSM urges all parties to the conflict to find a peaceful resolution. UOSSM urges the UN Security Council and the international community to implement UNSC resolution 2286 for the protection of medical facilities and aid workers. We urge the international community to release emergency humanitarian funding for medical aid, shelter, food, water and sanitation.

*Casualty and displacement numbers fluctuate frequently as the conditions change on the ground.

Previous Medical Facilities Attacked:

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