# of Shared Equipment In Syria

# of Shared Equipment In Syria:

There are devices that are used in more than one department, such as defibrillators and monitors, as well as, devices that provide services to the hospital, in general, such as electric generators, oxygen generators and other equipment. Results are summarized as follows:

  1. The total number of defibrillators was 214, of which 40 required maintenance. When matched with the number of hospitals having defibrillators, there were 3 hospitals in the suburbs of Damascus and 5 in the Northern region that did not have any defibrillator.
  2. The total number of monitors was 386, of which 66 required maintenance. This number does not cover the real needs, with regards to the number of ICU beds and the number of operating rooms.
  3. The number of dry and wet autoclaves was proportional to the number of hospitals, except for one hospital, which is inherently a non-surgical hospital. However, about 53 autoclave machines required maintenance.
  4. The number of suction devices that needed maintenance was 76, and the total number of devices relatively covered the needs of the hospitals.
  5. The number of nebulizer devices that required maintenance was 51 and the total number of devices relatively covered the needs of the hospitals.
  6. The number of crash carts was still relatively few and did not exceed 55 crash carts in all hospitals. However, the number of crash carts did not seem to have direct impact on the lives of the patients.
  7. As noted, the total number of central oxygen generators was 22, including 5 generators that required maintenance. This translates that most of the hospitals that have intensive care units of different kinds do not have oxygen generators. But rather, they depend on oxygen cylinders, which increase the financial burden and the need for extra cash to fill the cylinders and provide generators for packaging. This issue needs further analysis at provincial and regional levels, and study the possibility of filling the cylinders in each province.
  8. Acceptable number of ECG devices were available, of which 27 required maintenance.

The availability of central oxygen generators, functional on non-functional, are mapped as follows:






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