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2018 Press Releases

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217,000 IDPs in Daraa, Fastest Displacement in Syrian History29 Jun 2018

Breaking: Another UOSSM Staff Killed, Syrian Doctors Plead For Help In Daraa27 Jun 2018

UOSSM Ambulance Driver Killed By Airstrike In Daraa25 Jun 2018

UOSSM Midwife Killed in Daraa21 Jun 2018

Women and Children's Hospital in Idlib Bombed10 Jun 2018

Airstrike In Residential Area Kills At Least 44 Including 6 Children08 Jun 2018

Attacks on Aid Workers in Gaza Must Stop18 May 2018

Car Bomb In Idlib Kills At least 912 May 2018

Kafr Zeta Hospital Destroyed, 1 Dead, 3 Wounded02 May 2018

UOSSM PHC and Two Other Hospitals Attacked by Airstrikes in Homs30 Apr 2018

Massive Chemical Weapon Attack Leaves 25+ Dead, 500+ Injured in Ghouta07 Apr 2018

Ghouta Evacuation Report March 23-28th30 Mar 2018

UOSSM Assists 5000 Forcefully Displaced from Ghouta24 Mar 2018

Ghouta Doctors Sound Alarm Over Emergency C-Sections, Siege Endangering Newborns19 Mar 2018

At Least 500 Killed and 1000s Wounded Since UNSCr 240113 Mar 2018

UOSSM PHC and Office Attacked in Ghouta, Doctors Describe Attacks as "Mass Hysteria"08 Mar 2018

Reports of a Chemical Attack in Eastern Ghouta Affects at Least 5007 Mar 2018

94 Civilians Killed Today During First Aid Convoy Delivery In Months05 Mar 2018

Shelling prevents aid from entering Eastern Ghouta despite UN resolution demanding that hostilities stop - Aid Groups01 Mar 2018

UN Security Council Ceasefire Violated; Two Hospitals Attacked; 20 Killed25 Feb 2018

Joint Statement: Medical and Humanitarian organizations use Three Billboards to call on UN to stop violence in Syria22 Feb 2018

Third Day Of Bombings Traps Civilians in Rubble; Aid Agencies Desperate- 21 Feb 2018

UOSSM Staff Killed, 8 Medical Facilities Attacked, Illegal Barrel Bombs Used- 20 Feb 2018

New Bombing Campaign Hits 5 Hospitals, Among Worst Days in Syrian History- 19 Feb 2018

Breaking: 4 Day Surge In Violence Leaves 237 Dead, 1250 Injured, 7 Medical Facilities Wrecked- 09 Feb 2018

Breaking: Medical System In Idlib Crippled By Attacks, Including Chlorine Gas- 05 Feb 2018

Cave Hospital, Built Under 60 ft Of Rock, Wrecked By Powerful Blast- 01 Feb 2018

Airstrike against hospital in Idlib, 5 dead, hospital in ruins30 Jan 2018

Suspected Gas Attack in Eastern Ghouta Injures Six- 13 Jan 2018

Hospitals Attacked During Holiday Season, 11 Attacks in Wave Of Violence03 Jan 2018

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