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2017 Press Releases

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Medical Evacuation of 29 Critical Cases in Ghouta Complete- 29 Dec 2017

UOSSM Medical Point Attacked And Destroyed In Aleppo- 13 Dec 2017

Doctors in Eastern Ghouta Overwhelmed With Influx of Patients Wounded by Intensified Attacks17 Nov 2017

Two Infants Died This Week in Besieged Ghouta From A Lack of Medication And Malnutrition10 Nov 2017

Doctors Around The World Unite, Raise 150K+ Signatures To Stop Hospital Bombings- 26 Oct 2017

Situation Dire as Two Infants Die in Besieged Eastern Ghouta- 24 Oct 2017

Massive Spike In Violence Leaves 3 Hospitals Bombed In 4 Hours19 Sep 2017

UOSSM Strongly Condemns Killing of 7 White Helmets Staff- 12 Aug 2017

Groundbreaking Project in Syria Provides Solar Power for Hospitals and Saves Lives- 29 May 2017

Kafr Zeta Surgical and Maternity Hospital Completely Destroyed- 01 May 2017

Joint Statement: Wave of Hospital Bombings Paralyzes Medical System in Idlib, Syria27 Apr 2017

Child killed after surgery by heavy airstrikes against Cave Hospital- 24 Apr 2017

Child and Maternity Hospital Hit by Airstrikes 3 Times18 Apr 2017

UOSSM Hospital Treats 114 People From Convoy Attack In Al Rashideen17 Apr 2017

UOSSM's Response To Khan Sheikhoun Attack14 Apr 2017

Nurse Killed in Hospital Attack in Dael, Daraa- 10 Apr 2017

Breaking: Idlib chemical attack kills 100 including 25 children and injures over 400- 04 Apr 2017

Breaking: Chemical Weapons Attack in Latamneh, Hama Injures 70- 30 Mar 2017

Breaking: Medical Facility In Kafr Nabudah, Hama, Attacked And Put Out Of Service- 28 Mar 2017

Breaking: Syrian Doctor Killed By Chemical Weapon While Operating On Patient- 25 Mar 2017

Measles Outbreak in Ghouta and 5 Hospital Attacks in 9 Days- 14 Mar 2017

Medical Staff And Doctors Send Out Desperate Plea- 28 Feb 2017

Syria: Make Human Rights Priority of Geneva Talks20 Feb 2017

Six Hospitals Put Out of Service in Daraa17 Feb 2017

Reported Chemical Attack in Ghouta and Malnutrition in Waar- 13 Feb 2017

Hospital in Suburbs of Northern Hama Put Out of Service After Targeted Attacks- 06 Feb 2017

2000 People Evacuated From Wadi Barada31 Jan 2017

Over 5 Million Syrians Without Water For 30 Days23 Jan 2017

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